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What are the marks on the outer package of the goods

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packaging mark
1. Transportation mark, i.e. shipping mark. This is the basic part of trade contracts and shipping documents related to marking matters. It is generally composed of a simple geometric figure, letters, numbers and so on. The contents of the shipping mark include: the name or code of the destination, the substitute simplified words or code of the consignee or consignor, the piece number (i.e. the total number of pieces of each piece indicating the batch of goods), and the volume (length) × wide × High), weight (gross weight, net weight, tare weight) and production country or region, etc.
2. Indicative signs. According to the characteristics of commodities, for fragile, moisture-proof, anti upside down and other commodities, eye-catching graphics or words shall be used on the packaging to mark “handle with care”, “moisture proof”, “this end up”, etc. Only the signs are used to indicate the matters that the transportation, loading and unloading and storage personnel need to pay attention to during operation, so as to ensure the safety of materials. This sign mainly indicates the nature of materials and the methods of material stacking, opening, hoisting, etc.
packaging mark (according to the provisions of national standard gb190-73, the following marks with different names shall be pasted, painted and nailed on the outer package of goods with special requirements. For example, upward, moisture-proof, handle with care, lift from here, open from here, center of gravity, heat protection, antifreeze, etc. transportation package marks
in international logistics, it is required to correctly draw the transportation marks and necessary indication marks of goods on the package.
the marks shall at least include: The following contents:
(1) destination: the final address of the consignee, transfer place and order number
(2) loading and unloading instructions: especially for fragile goods, the direction of loading and unloading operation shall be marked on the package to prevent damage to the goods.
3. Warning signs. For dangerous goods, such as inflammables, drugs or explosives, they must be marked conspicuously on the outer package as a warning.
4. Dangerous goods sign dangerous goods sign is a sign used to indicate the physical and chemical properties of dangerous goods and the degree of danger. It can remind people to pay attention in transportation, storage, storage, handling and other activities. According to the provisions of national standard gb190-73, hang, print or mark different marks on the outer package of dangerous goods by water, land and air, such as explosives, combustibles in water, drugs, highly toxic substances, corrosive substances, radioactive substances, etc

the color of the icon is generally black. If the color of the package makes the graphic mark unclear, other colors can be selected for printing, or appropriate contrast colors can be selected on the printing surface. Generally, red and orange should be avoided. The pasted signs shall be printed in black on a white background
requirements for packaging marks and packaging marks
(1) must be handled in accordance with the provisions of relevant national departments. China has unified provisions on the words, symbols, graphics and use methods used in the marking and marking of material packaging.
(2) it must be concise, clear and easy to identify. Packaging marks and signs should be few words, clear patterns, easy to make, clear at a glance and easy to check. The size of words, letters and numbers of marks and signs shall be commensurate with the size of marks and signs of packages, and the stroke thickness shall be appropriate.
(3) the parts of painting, hanging and pasting marks and signs shall be appropriate. All marks and signs shall be located in a place easily visible during handling and loading and unloading operations. In order to prevent some marks and marks from being erased or unclear and difficult to identify in the logistics process, two identical marks and marks should be made at different parts of the same package as far as possible.
(4) obvious colors shall be selected as marks and signs. The pigment for making marks and signs shall have the properties of temperature resistance, sun resistance, friction resistance and so on, so as not to fade, fall off and so on.
(5) there are generally three sizes of signs. The sign for tying is 74 × 52.5(mm); The mark for printing and marking is 105 × 74 (mm) and 148 × 105 (mm) two. It must be noted that extra large and special effect packages are not limited by this size.
the size of the mark is generally divided into four types, as shown in the following table: the length of the wide ruler and size
1 70 50
2 140 100
3 200 150
4 280 200
note: in case of extra large or small transportation packages, the size of the mark can be appropriately expanded or reduced compared with the provisions of Table 2

1. Printing, pasting, hanging, nailing and spraying can be used for marking. When printing, the outer frame line and logo name shall be printed; When spraying, the outer frame line and mark name can be omitted.
2. Box packaging: located at the obvious place of packaging; Bag and bundle packaging: located on the barrel body or barrel cover; Barrel packaging: located on the barrel body or end; Containers and group goods: paste four
3. The following provisions apply to marks 6 and 8. Mark 6 “lift from here” shall be marked on the actual lifting position on the two opposite sides of the package. Mark 8 “center of gravity” shall be marked on four sides that can correctly mark the actual center of gravity position of the package. Vector packaging sign of dangerous goods
4. The writing of the sign shall be parallel to the bottom edge; The marking of export goods shall be handled in accordance with the relevant provisions of foreign trade; The pasted marks shall ensure that they will not fall off during the storage and transportation period of the goods.
5. The marks to be marked on the transport packages should be correctly selected according to the nature of the goods.
6. The mark shall be marked by the production unit before the goods leave the factory. If the packaging is changed after leaving the factory, the mark shall be marked by the packaging unit.

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