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What are the paper towel production equipment?

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box extractor: the multi-functional box extractor is a chain type rectangular tissue paper that cuts the base paper after cutting through the knife roller and folds it alternately. The machine adopts vacuum adsorption and automatic stacking counting function, which has the advantages of high speed, neat folding, simple operation and so on. Rewinder: 1. The full-automatic toilet paper rewinder can be selected with double-sided embossing and glue compounding. Compared with single-sided embossing, it can make the paper softer, the double-sided effect of the finished product is consistent, and each layer of paper is not scattered during use. It is especially suitable for processing rolled kitchen toilet paper, and the weight is reduced by 15% or more when making finished products of the same size. 2. The machine is equipped with processing centerless, solid, roll paper tube toilet paper, which can complete the switching between products in an instant, and can also be selected according to the needs of users. 3. Automatic trimming, glue spraying, sealing and shaft pulling are completed synchronously in an instant, so that there is no paper loss when the roll paper is turned into the band saw for cutting and packaging, which greatly improves the production efficiency and the grade of the finished product. The finished product has a paper tail, which is convenient to use. 4. Pneumatic belt feeding, rewinding shaft and base paper of each shaft have independent tension adjustment mechanism. Napkin machine: 1. Napkin machine is used to process the raw material tray paper into finished napkin products with clear, neat and beautiful patterns through embossing, folding, electronic counting and cutting. The whole processing is completed by the machine at one time. Due to the high degree of automation, good processing quality and high production efficiency, it is an ideal production equipment for paper products factories and urban and rural families to build factories to get rich, with small investment and quick effect. In addition, embossing can make various clear and beautiful patterns according to the needs of users. 2. Napkin machine is to emboss, fold and cut the cut paper into squares or long paper towels. In fact, the napkin machine here refers to three different devices for folding napkins: wallet paper machine, handkerchief paper machine and napkin machine. The wallet machine and napkin machine can be completed by replacing the folding board, but the handkerchief machine must be different from other napkin machines. Handkerchief paper machine: This machine is a new product researched by our factory using foreign technology, with advanced design and novel style. Flat belt paper feeding is adopted, and the tightness can be adjusted at will. Steel roller embossing, embossing clear and unique; Full vacuum adsorption origami, neat and fast, high efficiency. Equipped with the vacuum of Mingchang, the electromagnetic speed regulating motor realizes the random speed of the whole machine, and the infrared tracking device realizes the automatic shutdown of paper breaking and paper stripping. The ink color printing device can be added according to the requirements of customers to realize the exquisite overprint of color printing and embossing. It is the most advanced equipment for the production of mini paper towels in China. Slitter: the disc slitter rewinder is mainly used to rewind the toilet paper base paper from single layer into single layer, two-layer or three-layer stacked paper, which is used for folding paper towels, napkins, boxed face towel paper, etc. This machine adopts vacuum edge suction. Fixed knife angle, stable operation and neat incision. It is an ideal supporting equipment for slitting paper in paper mill or paper processing plant. The equipment is mainly used to rewind and cut the large axis bar paper from single layer into single layer. Two layer and three-layer paper tray for folding paper towels. Napkins, boxed face towels, etc. Vacuum edge suction is adopted, and the upper and lower knives are adjusted at will. With neat incision and stable operation, it is an ideal supporting equipment for paper tray slitting and paper processing plant.

toilet paper processing equipment mainly includes toilet paper rewinder, paper cutter and sealing machine. The whole processing process has no pollution and does not need sewage treatment equipment.
1. First of all, it is necessary to understand that the raw material of toilet paper processing is large shaft paper. Large shaft paper is a raw material specially used for the production of toilet paper. The equipment for the production of this raw material paper is mainly paper machine. Generally, the paper machine is used to copy the prepared pulp into semi-finished paper, and then roll it into a large roll for storage and sale
2. Although the raw material of large axis paper is pulp, pulp also has different raw materials, including deinked pulp formed by deinking waste paper, wood pulp made by crushing wood,
and mixed pulp made of other materials (sugarcane, forage, etc.). At present, there are many large axis paper made of wood pulp in the market.

cj-a-2l embossed napkin folding machine

hlcj-a-2l embossed napkin folding machine automatically folds the cut tray paper into square or rectangular napkins after embossing and cutting. The machine adopts electronic number jump to ensure the accuracy of the number of sheets and is easy to package. The embossing roller adopts heating and temperature regulating device, which makes the embossing effect clear and qualitative. New functions of folding 1 /4, 1 /6, 1 /8 and other specifications can be configured as required


there are many different paper processing machines, such as handkerchief paper machine, box paper extractor, face towel paper machine, toilet paper wiping machine, kitchen paper machine, tray paper Slitter and so on

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