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What are the precautions of heat shrinkable packaging machine?

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What are the main precautions of the heat shrinkable machine? You can click on the Internet to check. Some of these packaging machines, um, will introduce the precautions of the packaging machine, so you can see the precautions introduced on the Internet. What should be the points and how old should they be

the precautions of heat shrinkable packaging machine include product characteristics, types and thickness of shrinkable materials, production capacity requirements, etc. to slightly adjust various parameters, so as to achieve smooth and beautiful shrinkable surface and no explosion, wrinkle, etc. after shrinkage.

1. The power of the heat shrinkable packaging machine is relatively large. Please note that the power of the input power supply must be greater than the nominal power of the heat shrinkable packaging machine, otherwise it is easy to burn the line or machine
2. The heat shrinkable packaging machine must be reliably grounded, and a bottom line should be drawn from the ground painted with insulating paint to protect personal safety
3. When each heat shrinkable packaging machine leaves the factory, there is a cable connected to the power supply, and its end lead part has the identification symbol of the power supply, which must be connected correctly. Illegal operation may burn the machine or get an electric shock.

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