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What are the procedures for the packaging and listing of new products?

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Hello, the following is the overall process of packaging and listing of new products for reference only:

first, understand the market situation of dealers
China’s market form is the broadest and most complex. Therefore, as a manufacturer, in order to better promote new products in the regional market and achieve instant popularity, it is necessary to conduct detailed research on the market and truly understand the market situation of dealers, To achieve “what mountain, what song to sing”, the smooth promotion of new products can be seen in the chest and come naturally
the market situation we know includes the following aspects:
1. Market potential and capacity. New products have certain strategic significance for enterprises. Therefore, when choosing a market, we often have to choose a market with great potential such as a large population base and high consumption level, because once such new products are promoted, they often have an impact and driving role, which can radiate and spread one side, and play a radiating and pulling effect on the factory
2. Consumption preference of the market. Whether the new products can be successfully promoted has a great relationship with whether they meet the consumption preferences of the dealer’s market. China’s consumption varies greatly. The so-called “sweet in the south, salty in the north, sour in the East and spicy in the west” means this. Therefore, it depends on whether a new product can meet the demand of the market
3. Market acceptance. The acceptance of new products in urban market is different from that in rural market. Rational consumption in urban market is more than perceptual consumption, and brand awareness is high, while the opposite is true in rural market. Therefore, when selecting dealers to promote new products, we should be able to select markets and dealers with high acceptance of new products according to the differences between urban and rural markets. This will help to promote new products targeted and selectively
4. Promotion intention of the channel. The reason why many new products are not popular is often related to the wishful thinking of manufacturers when promoting new products. Therefore, when selecting the market to be promoted, manufacturers must first consider the promotion wishes of dealers and downstream distributors at all levels. Only when manufacturers reasonably set channel profits and meet the wishes and needs of channels to the greatest extent, can the successful promotion of new products not become empty words
II. Select new products according to market demand
if manufacturers want to continuously and healthily promote new products, they must choose appropriate new products for dealers with a responsible attitude according to the investigated market conditions. Suitable new products generally have the following characteristics:
1. New products have new selling points. That is, the selected new product should follow the Fab rule, that is, the product should have its attributes or features; In addition, it also has its function or advantages. Finally, what benefits can the product bring to consumers or customers, that is, product value. Only when the selected products have the above points can they be accepted by customers to the greatest extent
2. New products have new profits. Whether it is new or old products, as dealers with profit seeking nature, they have no profit and don’t get up early. Therefore, when manufacturers promote new products, the new products selected by dealers must comply with the principle of mutual benefit. They can’t only care about the interests of manufacturers and ignore the interests of dealers. Only when new products have new profits, dealers will really accept new products and vigorously promote new products
3. New products are complementary. That is, the new products selected by the manufacturer should be complementary to the original products. For example, the external form of the products. If the existing products are ordinary clothes, now the new products can adopt promotional clothes or gift clothes; In addition, new products can also be complementary in the hierarchical structure. For example, high, medium and low-grade products are complementary. Through the complementarity of products, the market gap can be filled, so as to increase new profit sources
4. New products are different. That is, the new products promoted by the manufacturer should be different from the competitive products in the market. Only by adhering to the differentiation strategy, can the new products adopt the operation mode of high price and high promotion, be flexible and autonomous in the market, truly make the dealers profit, the manufacturers win, and the manufacturers can establish a solid strategic partnership. Only when the manufacturer selects appropriate new products conducive to market promotion according to the market conditions of dealers, can the market promotion of new products be regarded as a substantive step and lay the groundwork for the better rooting, germination, flowering and results of new products in the market
III. draw up a new product marketing plan
manufacturers generally need to make a new product listing plan to promote new products, but for a single market, it is only a program. As a representative of manufacturers, after selecting new products according to the market conditions of dealers, they also need to focus on the implementation plan of new product promotion, which includes the following aspects:
1. Promotion background. That is, under what circumstances and conditions to promote new products, what are its antecedents and consequences, such as the fierce competition in the market, the development trend of competitive products or the potential or current threat that has been posed, and so on
2. Promotion purpose. That is, what kind of mission the newly promoted products should carry, what kind of strategic purpose should be achieved through the promotion of new products, whether to deal with the impact of the market or lead the market trend, so as to clarify the direction of product promotion
3. Promotion stage. That is, after new products enter the market, they should achieve the purpose of occupying the market through several stages. Through the promotion cycle, the organization has a clear promotion stage, so as to steadily achieve the promotion goal in one month
4. Promotion strategy. That is, the marketing mix strategy to be adopted in the process of new product promotion. For example, product strategy, what kind of packaging form to take, product selling point mining, product efficacy and so on; Price strategy, that is, what kind of price policy to adopt, rebate or discount; Channel strategy, that is, the breadth, depth and width selection of the channel; Promotion strategy, that is, what kind of promotion form should be adopted to better implement the combination of push and pull of products, so as to realize the resilience of products and so on
only when the manufacturer’s marketing personnel assist the dealer in the implementation plan of new product promotion, will there be rules and laws to follow for the listing and promotion of new products, so that the new products can be promoted in an orderly manner
IV. effective organization and implementation of promotion scheme
no matter how good the promotion and implementation scheme of new products is, without strong implementation, the successful promotion of new products will become empty talk and a “mirage”. In order to implement and carry out the promotion scheme smoothly and effectively, we should do the following work:
1. Organization is the guarantee. The promotion of new products should eventually be implemented to the specific team organization. The organization mentioned here refers not only to the marketing team, but also to the organizational discipline. With a wolf marketing team and strict organizational discipline, the promotion of new products will have a solid foundation, the promotion po
licies will be effectively implemented, and the promotion strategies will be truly implemented
2. Training is the premise. Training is essential if new products are to be pushed to the end and succeed. In fact, the reason why many enterprises fail to promote new products has a lot to do with the failure of enterprises to carry out relevant training. Because there is no training, dealers and marketing personnel cannot understand the manufacturer’s intention and do not understand the promotion steps, skills and methods. Therefore, many promotion schemes are put on the shelf and can not be well implemented. In the process of new product promotion, on-site training (OJT) is an effective means to achieve the goal of new product promotion
3. Assessment is the key. Why the promotion of new products by many manufacturers is a mere formality is often related to the lack of a strong tracking and assessment system. The manufacturer assists dealers to promote new products. In order to implement various measures in place, assessment is essential. Because only with assessment can the promotion of new products be effectively linked to the economic interests of marketers and dealers, and strict rewards and penalties be imposed. Only in this way can marketers and dealers really put their heart into it and make the promotion plan truly implemented, rather than perfunctory
the effective organization and implementation of the promotion scheme is a solid foundation for the manufacturer to assist the dealer in successfully promoting new products. The successful promotion of new products can only be realized if the manufacturer and the dealer pay attention to the effectiveness of the promotion scheme and the details of the implementation operation
v. evaluate the implementation effect of the promotion scheme
whether the promotion scheme of new products is effective, and whether the manufacturers and dealers can check, repair and improve the promotion scheme in time are the guarantee for the sustainable and healthy promotion of new products. The standard for evaluating the feasibility of the promotion scheme usually consists of the following aspects:
1. Operability of the promotion scheme. That is, when the manufacturer assists the dealer in promoting new products, whether there are mistakes in the scheme through on-site operation, whether there are any untimely places in the implementation process, if so, how to improve or perfect, and whether it has communicated, fed back and returned to the relevant departments of the manufacturer in time
2. Sustainability of promotion scheme. Through the phased implementation of the operation scheme, whether the new product promotion scheme has the momentum of homeopathic promotion, whether the scheme can continue to be promoted and implemented, whether the channels can be more active in the implementation process of the scheme, and whether the links of the promotion scheme are linked? 3. Effectiveness of the promotion scheme. The key and core evaluation criteria of the promotion scheme are still the sales volume, sales volume and profit, which is the most rigid standard and an effective way to judge whether the promotion scheme and new products are marketable. By investigating the effectiveness of the promotion scheme, it will help manufacturers and dealers respond quickly and come up with Countermeasures in time, so that new products can better enter the market. By checking, adjusting and improving the promotion scheme, manufacturers and dealers can better work together to realize interaction and linkage, so as to work together to better promote new products to the market. Through the above new product marketing and management processes and the establishment of corresponding management processes, manufacturers and dealers can better reach an agreement on the promotion of new products, so that manufacturers can work together to promote and operate new products and practices in the market more effectively.

product promotion? The company is also doing it, but our industrial workers don’t understand this aspect. Jin suitui is, and the person in charge knows it directly.

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