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What are the properties and characteristics of toxic substances?

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poisons have the following basic characteristics:

1. Substances with harmful characteristics are not poisons, such as simple dust

2. Determined after toxicological study


3. It must be able to enter the body and have harmful interaction with the body. Only with the above three points can it be called a poison

extended data:

classification methods

in forensic medicine, the classification methods of poisons are not consistent according to different identification purposes. For example, when analyzing poisoning symptoms and pathological changes, they are often classified according to toxicological effects; In the chemical analysis of poisons, it is often classified according to the chemical properties of poisons; Mixed classification is often used to trace the source, use and effect of poisons on the body

for detective work, the last classification may be the mixed classification method:

1. Classification according to the toxic effect of poisons:

(1) corrosive poison. It refers to poisons that have strong corrosive effect on local parts of the body. Such as strong acids, bases and phenols

(2) parenchymal toxicity. After absorption, introduce poisons with pathological damage to organs and tissues. Such as arsenic, mercury and heavy metal toxicity

(3) enzyme toxicity. Poisons that inhibit specific enzymes. Such as organophosphorus pesticides, cyanide, etc

(4) blood toxicity. Poisons causing blood changes, such as carbon monoxide, nitrite and some snake venoms

(5) neurotoxicity. Poisons that cause central nervous system disorders. Such as alcohols, anesthetics, tranquilizers and hypnotics, strychnine, niacin, cocaine, amphetamine, etc

reference source Baidu Encyclopedia – poisons

II. Critical limit and lethal dose of toxic substances

chemical toxicity involves the effect of substances entering a certain part of the human body. Almost all substances can cause damage when they interact directly with the skin.

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