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What are the requirements for the structural design of paper packaging?

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the main forms of box rest structure are divided into straight cylinder type and tray type. In many cases, the eight changes of the box body do not appear in a single way, but often in a combination of two or three ways, which should be handled flexibly according to needs

1. Lid shaking box
this is the simplest and most used packing box in structure. The box body, the box cover and the box bottom are all formed by one plate. The box cover is rolled down to cover the box opening, and there are swing wings on both sides. The structure of the box bottom can refer to the “box bottom structure” to be introduced later to select the appropriate form. Because the paper area used is basically rectangular or square, it is the most economical principle
2. Cover box
also known as heaven and earth cover, that is, the box cover (SKY) and the box body (ground) are separated and not connected to each other, but the contents are closed in the form of buckle. Although the processing of the cover box is more complex than that of the shake cover box, it is more ideal in terms of commodity installation and protection effect. From the appearance, it can give people a sense of massiness and high-grade. Therefore, it is mostly used in high-end goods and gift boxes
3. Window opening box
the biggest feature of this structure is to directly display the contents or inner packaging to give consumers real and credible visual information. PVC transparent film is pasted on the inside of the window to protect the goods. There are two principles that must be observed when designing the window: ① the size of the window should be exquisite. If it is too small, it will affect the firmness of the box, and if it is too small, you can’t see clean goods. ② The shape of the window should be beautiful. If the cutting line is too complicated, it will make the picture appear trivial
4. When the display box is displayed on the shelf or counter, it can form a display shelf. Its main change is in the box cover. The cover plays the role of advertising according to the graphics and words on the box surface. After the cover is put down, it can become a complete sealed packing box to effectively protect the goods
5. Portable box
portable box is a kind of packaging developed from the Enlightenment of handbag. Its purpose is to make it convenient for consumers to carry. The carrying part can be formed with a plate of the box body and locked with each other by using the extension of the cover and the side; Plastic, paper and rope can be added as handle, or additional partition structure can be used; The handle of the commodity itself can also be extended out of the box
6. Sister box
more than two identical carton structures are designed and made on a piece of paper, which are combined together to form a whole. Each carton structure is an independent packaging unit. This paper box structure is suitable for holding series of small commodities, such as candy, handkerchief, socks, perfume, etc
7. Convenience box
its biggest feature is to solve the problem of trouble caused by consumers’ repeated access to goods, and design the structure in combination with the characteristics of goods. When containing powdered granular goods, such as washing powder, chocolate beans, wheat rings, etc. A convenient box with a movable bucket device can be used; When holding relatively independent commodities, such as cosmetics and small gifts, the convenience box with automatic opening and closing structure can be adopted
8. Fun box
most of the first seven carton structures appear in hexahedron, and the fun box is changed and developed on this basis to form a unique structural form. It may appear in abstract form; Or it appears as a concrete change. Due to the novelty and variety of interesting boxes, consumers, especially teenagers and children, are more interested in buying goods.

we should understand consumer psychology… We should also pay attention to the requirements of details. If so, the enterprise should pay attention to meeting the enterprise and product image….



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