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What are the successful star packaging cases?

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after one year’s basic training, the newcomers have reached a certain level of professional singers. The company will release MTV single or song collection for the newcomers (the company is responsible for the distribution and broadcasting of works). Therefore, the newcomers will truly join the ranks of professional singers, undertake commercial performances, attend various political activities, sign contracts with recording, film and television companies, and seize opportunities with their own development, Work hard to challenge and eventually achieve your dream.

mutual fan entertainment is a brand service company. Their core team has more than 10 years of experience in the field of marketing, and their ability in star artist packaging and personal brand building is still strong. They can meet the diversified marketing needs of customers and provide personalized solutions according to the characteristics of each customer, including character positioning, feasibility analysis, image planning, image communication, etc.

the company will customize the single (hd) MV for the newcomers and carry out personalized film and television creation (newcomers can play the No. 1 or No. 2 role) on the premise of funds. The film and television types include 3G mobile film, online film and television short play and TV film. The company will carry out personalized creation according to the specific conditions of the newcomers (the company is responsible for the promotion, distribution and broadcasting of the works)

Bai Yu’s popularity has soared since he starred in “zhenhun”, but Yang naive seems dissatisfied with his agent Qi Zai and feels that Qi Zi can’t keep up with Bai Yu’s growth rate. Yang naive pointed out that Bai Yu should be positioned as an urban elite with a bit of classical temperament.


isn’t there one recently? It is rumored in the Jianghu that the Great Wall is specially tailored for Jing Tian. It is said that there are quite a few Jianghu rumors about the films you said made specifically to package a star. The whole movie is actually to package a star. To build a popular star, or superstar, in addition to the star itself needs excellence, its backstage or company also has to spend a lot of money. This is a systematic project. In fact, it’s normal for domestic and foreign stars, including those who are popular in history.

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