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What big gift package will the State Council send for the development of express delivery?

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with the consent of the State Council, on January 23, 2018, the opinions of the general office of the State Council on promoting the coordinated development of e-commerce and express logistics (hereinafter referred to as the opinions) were officially issued in the form of GBF [2018] No. 1. This is another opinion issued at the State Council level to guide the development of express industry since the issuance of several opinions of the State Council on promoting the development of express industry (hereinafter referred to as “No. 61 document”) in October 2015

the reporter found that the opinions continued the essence of “Document No. 61” supporting the development of express industry, made a positive response to the new situations and problems found in the integrated development of e-commerce and express logistics in recent years, and gave specific implementation guidance. From the perspective of the ten highlights of the new opinions

highlight 1: Document No. 1 of the State Council Office adds weight to the policy


the opinions is the guidance on promoting the development of the express industry issued again at the State Council level after the issuance of Document No. 61. It is also the first guidance on the coordinated development of e-commerce and express logistics issued by the general office of the State Council after the victory of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. It is issued in Document No. [2018] 1, which shows the gold content of the policy

in fact, it is not the first time that documents supporting the coordinated development of express and e-commerce have been released, but it is the first time that they have been issued in such a high standard in the name of the state office. As early as 2012, the State Post Office and the Ministry of Commerce jointly issued the guidance on promoting the coordinated development of express service and online retail; In September 2014, the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of Commerce and the State Post Office jointly issued a notice to carry out the pilot of coordinated development of e-commerce and logistics express delivery in Tianjin, Shijiazhuang, Hangzhou, Fuzhou and Guizhou. By 2015, the number of pilot cities will be expanded to 11, including Datong, Dalian, Jilin, Bengbu, Luoyang and Zhuzhou

a noteworthy detail is that from the coordinated development of e-commerce and “logistics Express” in the pilot to the coordinated development of e-commerce and “express logistics” in the opinions, the adjustment of the order reflects the industrial positioning of “express industry is an important part of modern service industry and a modern leading industry promoting the transformation of circulation mode and consumption upgrading” in document 61

Wei Jigang, director of the Research Office of the industrial economy research department of the development research center of the State Council, pointed out that China’s e-commerce and express logistics industry are in the primary stage of rapid growth. They are not only an important representative of China’s new economic growth power, but also an important part of China’s new economy. At the same time, e-commerce and express logistics have also exposed a series of immature, imperfect, non-standard, uncoordinated, weak international competitiveness and other problems, facing some challenges

the opinions puts forward 18 specific requirements from six aspects: system innovation, planning guidance, standardized operation, service innovation, standardization, intelligence and green concept, covering all aspects involved in the coordination of e-commerce and express logistics in recent years. In a sense, the opinions is a further deepening and landing of “No. 61 document”. The issuance of the opinions by the general office of the State Council to clarify the responsible departments also means that the State Council has put forward requirements for all regions and relevant departments to implement the policies and measures put forward in the opinions, and the implementation of the work is stronger

highlight 2: “release management service” reform, and the express terminal network implements filing management

“the express terminal network is an important infrastructure of express service, and the express terminal delivery is the last link of the express service chain. It is not only an important basic platform directly facing users, but also the most direct and intuitive link for online shopping consumers to experience.” Zeng Junshan, director of the development research center of the State Post Office, said in an interview with our reporter that the scale of the express market is expanding, especially the scale of e-commerce continues to maintain rapid growth, the demand for end delivery is surging, the end processing capacity and service capacity continue to bring high pressure tests, and the increasing personalized needs of users continue to put forward higher requirements for end delivery services, The terminal has gradually become a “short board” restricting the high-quality development of the express industry

Document No.

61 proposed to “simplify the filing procedures of enterprise branches and end outlets”. The opinions further defines “implementing the filing management of express terminal outlets” and “realizing the unified online handling of licensing filing matters”

the opinions clearly stipulates that further simplifying the operation license procedures of express business, reforming the system report of express enterprises, implementing the filing management of express terminal outlets, and realizing the unified online handling of license filing will further stimulate the vitality of the market, enable more information and less people to run errands. Li Mingtao, President of E-commerce Research Institute of China international e-commerce center, believes that optimizing relevant administrative processes can promote the express industry to reduce administrative costs

highlight 3: clarify the public attributes of intelligent express boxes and express terminal comprehensive service places for the first time

the opinions pointed out that it is necessary to “innovate the management mode of public service facilities, clarify the public attributes of intelligent express boxes and express terminal comprehensive service places, and provide supporting policies such as land guarantee for professional, public, platform and intensive express terminal outlets”

in recent years, the innovation of express terminal is in the ascendant. The terminal distribution represented by intelligent express box, express comprehensive service station and rookie post station shows a diversified development trend and plays an important role in alleviating the pressure of terminal delivery. According to the data from the State Post Office, by the end of 2017, 31500 public express delivery service stations and 206000 sets of intelligent express boxes had been built in China, with a box delivery rate of 7%. But on the other hand, among the many implementation forms of express terminal, there has not been a particularly successful typical case, and its sustainable profitability needs time to be tested

Zeng Junshan believes that defining the express terminal service facilities as public service facilities and clarifying their public attributes can effectively solve the problems such as the difficulty of settling down express outlets and the difficulty of deploying intelligent express boxes, effectively promote the cooperation of express enterprises in building comprehensive service places, provide enthusiasm for intensive services, and promote the improvement of quality and efficiency and service upgrading of the express industry from the perspective of national policies, It provides strong support for accelerating the improvement of express terminal service network

highlight 4: guide the separation of commodity sales and express service pricing, and package mail may become history

in the development of China’s e-commerce, “package mail” was initially just the welfare of consumers in “Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai”, and then gradually expanded to most parts of the country except Xinjiang, Tibet, Inner Mongolia and other remote provinces and regions. In the eyes of most consumers, “including mail” seems to be a big bargain. As everyone knows, when pricing, businesses have calculated the commodity price and express service price as a whole, and consumers have actually paid for express service

the opinions put forward that “innovate the way of price supervision, guide e-commerce platforms to gradually separate commodity pricing from express service pricing, and promote express enterprises to develop consumer oriented value-added services.”

insiders also generally believe that if commodity prices and express service pricing can be separated, the price of express service will become transparent, which is conducive to reflecting the labor value of express practitioners. At the same time, according to the stratification of consumers’ service needs, express enterprises can provide different time effective value-added services such as “regular delivery”, “limited delivery” and “appointment distribution”, get out of the dilemma of homogeneous competition of express products, and can really return the choice and initiative of Express Services from platform merchants to consumers, which is conducive to the establishment of equal cooperative relationship between express enterprises and e-commerce platforms

highlight 5: establish data sharing rules among enterprises, manage and make good use of big data

the previous occasional information leakage has tightened the public’s nerves on information security. The “abundant bird dispute” in 2017 put the management and use of express data on the table for the first time, and became a public event with social influence

the opinions not only made it clear for the first time to “improve the data sharing system among enterprises”, but also put forward plans for emergencies such as data interruption in the event of “dispute over abundance of birds”, requirement “Improve the data protection and open sharing rules of e-commerce and express logistics, and establish risk assessment, advance notice and prior reporting systems such as data interruption. The establishment of data connection rules will greatly promote the coordinated development of e-commerce and express, break the data barriers between industries, and make the links between upstream and downstream and the internal chain of express more efficient and orderly, so as to greatly improve the operation efficiency of express logistics and save money Social resources

highlight 6: express logistics related infrastructure has been included in the overall planning

another major advantage of the opinions is to strengthen the leading role of the planning and improve the infrastructure construction of e-commerce express logistics. Among the 18 specific guidance opinions, there are 4 contents on planning guidance, including “strengthening planning collaborative guidance”, “ensuring land for infrastructure construction”, “strengthening infrastructure network construction” and “promoting park construction and upgrading”

Wei Jigang pointed out that this requires the government to comprehensively consider various factors such as industrial foundation, regional economy, natural geography and traffic location, and scientifically build a logistics network system to support the development of e-commerce. Zhao Guojun, director of the postal development research center of Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications, also believes that “this is a comprehensive design of infrastructure upgrading from stock to new planning”. “There are great differences in China’s regional development. The development of e-commerce has the characteristics of one city, one product and one place. When establishing the e-commerce logistics system according to resources, each region must carry out the construction and transformation according to the existing express logistics service system of e-commerce development, and comprehensively consider the factors such as regional location, functional positioning and development level, which cannot be divorced from reality.” Zhao Guojun said that it pays attention to starting from the resources with regional characteristics, combining the reality and considering the development trend, carrying out the top-level design, integrating it into the overall urban and rural planning layout, and becoming an organic whole in the overall planning, which is more comprehensive and fully reflected in the opinions

China has been the world’s largest express delivery country for many consecutive years, and the role of the express industry in serving the economy and people’s livelihood has also been widely recognized. “Receiving express” has become the “seven new things” in people’s modern life. However, it is slightly embarrassing that the direct contribution of the express industry to local taxation is not obvious because its contribution to economic development is more indirectly reflected by supporting online retail and promoting circulation. Therefore, in some places, there is also a tendency to pay attention to e-commerce and ignore the development of express delivery. The dilemma of “difficult to settle down” of express delivery also affects its role of service e-commerce to a certain extent

it is clear in the opinions that “the land for storage, distribution, distribution and other facilities related to express logistics must comply with the overall land use planning and be included in the urban and rural planning”. There is no doubt that bringing express land into urban and rural planning will effectively alleviate the tension in the workplace of express enterprises. With the guarantee of the site, express delivery enterprises that are free from worries can also boldly invest in the purchase of automatic sorting equipment to improve operation efficiency and service quality

in addition, the opinion requires that “intelligent express boxes and integrated service places at the end of express delivery should be included in the relevant planning of public service facilities”

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