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What brand is the best barreled water in Jinan?

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Don’t say what brand is good for those unqualified brands. If such brands are unqualified, what kind of water can you drink /
Prius was blasted for being unqualified How about quanwa /??

Pulis is a brand that people in Jinan are familiar with. It is an old brand that accounts for more than 50% of the local market in Jinan. Since its establishment in 1993, it shows its important position for the people in Jinan

1993, a water plant was founded in Puli street, Jinan City. Because of its high content of Strontium in water detection, it was named “Pulis”. After so many years of development, Pulis has become an enterprise specializing in the production and sales of barreled and bottled drinking water. It now has two first-class modern and Garden factories in China


the company’s main products are: barreled 18.5l natural mineral water, natural spring water, purified water, 12L natural mineral water, bottled 4.5L natural mineral water, 1.5L purified water, 550ml purified water, 550ml natural spring water, 380ml natural spring water. The sales volume of barreled water has been ranking first in Shandong Province for many years, and has entered the ranks of the top eight domestic barreled water. Bottled water is the first brand in Quancheng

the drinking water of Pulis water plant

comes from a non polluting water source more than 580 meters deep underground. After testing, it is rich in more than 20 trace elements and minerals beneficial to human body, such as strontium and metasilicic acid. Among them, the strontium and metasilicic acid of Pulis water source are three to five times higher than the limit index requirements in GB8537-2008

it is a perfect double standard drinking water source. After repeated filtration processes, the filter material is finally controlled to be less than 200 nm. In this way, bacteria and other substances are removed. It is pure and pollution-free, showing safety

reference to the above: Baidu Encyclopedia – Jinan Pulis mineral water Co., Ltd

service type: door-to-door service, professional distribution
the products provided by our company are safe and fast with quality assurance, reasonable price and cash on delivery! Welcome customers to taste and drink. We will try our best to serve our customers. Your satisfaction is my success
adult men need to drink 3L of water every day,
adult women need to drink 2.2L of water every day
drinking good water is a better and simpler way to keep healthy – drinking enough water every day
our team is young, energetic, has a strong sense of service, delivers water quickly, is based on honesty, and is honest with the old and the young
we advocate the life concept of “healthy drinking water and healthy life”. The bottled water of all brands sold is directly supplied by the manufacturer, with high quality and low price. From the time customers call to order to the time the delivery personnel deliver water to their homes, the whole process is digitally controlled, and the advanced automated office process makes our service more efficient, accurate and timely! We are customer-oriented and customer satisfaction oriented
. In march2012, Jinan Changqing District Water Service Center gave full play to its industry advantages and established “water Changqing” drinking water Co., Ltd. Taking the 460m underground high-quality karst water as the water source, introducing advanced production technology and equipment, and taking the “source from nature and maintain nature” as the core concept, the company has produced two series of six varieties of “shuichangqing” brand pure water, mountain spring water and mineral spring water. In May, 2012, through the monitoring of Shandong Geological Environment Monitoring Station and Shandong mineral water survey and identification center, it was proved that the water is rich in more than 20 minerals and trace elements beneficial to human body, such as metasilicic acid, strontium, potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, free carbon dioxide, etc. These minerals and trace elements are the real secret to the health and longevity of the elderly in the “longevity village”. At present, the “water Changqing” brand pure water, mountain spring water and mineral water are the designated water for the 10th China Art Festival, the National Aerobics League, Beijing Guolin Hotel, the Shandong provincial workers’ games and the conference entertainment in Changqing District.

Prius won’t fail. Now, 10 yuan /barrel of quanwa is also very good. 5 yuan /barrel is smaller than that of Prius. In fact, they used to be the parent company of Jinan tap water. Later, Prius privately established quanwa. Both of them collected groundwater. The water quality is up to standard. It’s better to drink quanwa directly. It’s cheaper. Fortunately, Baimaiquan spring water has more holidays

I used to drink water from Pulis in Jinan, but now I drink from Dashun Tianquan after an accident.

is Prius OK? The water in Jinan should be OK.
there are places where the barreled water sells for 50 cents a barrel, which is used for washing clothes. I believe no one dares to drink that~

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