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What did your company do with the waste cartons

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I would like to ask you how the company handles the waste cartons when the suppliers deliver them to the warehouse. Our company directly gives them to the cleaning aunt. As a result, the cleaning aunt’s monthly salary is 4000-5000, which is higher than that of the general workers! Employees are often resentful

1. Generally, used cartons will be thrown next to the garbage can outside. However, over time, there will be too much garbage around the garbage can, which will affect traffic and beauty
2. When a certain number of unused cartons are accumulated, they will be sold to the recycle bin for reprocessing and recycling. This can not only save resources, but also protect the environment
3. In addition, you can save the discarded cartons and make them into various garbage cartons or other gadgets for waste utilization.

it is suggested to find out the relationship between aunt clean and your company first. Are you sure it is not a nepotism? I have been to several companies. The solution is that the warehouse personnel or the company arranges personnel to assist the selling points of the financial department of the administrative class… A very simple processing method view the original post &gt& gt;

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