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What do e-commerce packers do?

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What do e-commerce packers do? What do e-commerce packers do? Okay? Is it easy? exhausted or not? Do you need to work night shift.

job responsibilities of e-commerce packer
Job Responsibilities:
1. Detect, package, pack and deliver customer orders according to warehouse packaging standards and customer order requirements
2. Be responsible for packing and posting express orders for each order
3. It is required to be good at communication, work carefully, bear hardships and stand hard work, be able to complete the work given by the superior, be agile, do things without procrastination, and have good work efficiency and working state. 4. Other daily work arranged by the supervisor
5. Due to the particularity of online stores, sometimes they work overtime
job requirements:
1. This position is not limited to men and women. They need to be able to operate computers, be proficient in typing, and have more than 1 year of Taobao delivery experience
2. They have a strong interest in e-commerce, are hardworking, obey the distribution of leaders, and can accept overtime arrangements
3. They work seriously, carefully, have a sense of responsibility, and make steady and sincere progress
4. They have strong combing ability and planning ability
5 Strong execution, hardworking, able to actively integrate into the team and complete the work of the team

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 packaging and distribution: package and distribute goods according to the daily order quantity, complete the order quantity of the day, clean and tidy the warehouse shelves from time to time, and complete the work tasks arranged by the supervisor in time. Wages are piecework. More work, more gain. The faster. The higher the salary. All small pieces

 job responsibilities of the loading clerk: 

 1. The tallyman has the responsibility to check and accept the goods and provide return service for customers

 2. Manage the price tag and price tag of goods according to the code

 3. Be responsible for classifying commodities and displaying commodities (including replenishment) according to commodity display methods and principles

 4. Be responsible for cleaning products in the warehouse and warehouse loss prevention management

 working hours: 9:00-6:30 

 salary: 5000-8000, including food and accommodation 

 benefits: 1. The company will select "excellent employees" every month, and the company will reward 

 the company will give a bonus of increasing the base salary to employees who have been rated as excellent employees for two or three consecutive months 

 3. The salary of employees will be raised once every half a year and the second time a year later 

 promotion mechanism: as long as you have the ability, you can be promoted to other positions in the company after one year

 job recruitment 6-7 people 

 original title: packing and distribution clerk 

 pro, I hope the above answers are helpful to you. If you are satisfied with my answer, please give me a praise ~ 

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