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What do the employees of the toy factory mainly do? Are you feeling tired?

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I’m going to work in a toy factory during the summer vacation, but I haven’t worked. If anyone has worked, help me describe the work content. Is it difficult to learn?

what do employees do hard? To tell the truth, what should a toy factory employee do? It should be a romantic one, because toys are not made up of one part. They may have different parts, so it depends on which assembly line you are on? You should be able to adapt. That is to say, if you are different, you should always do it there. This is better. We have seen the working speed and time of different assembly lines on that TV? So if you want to be able to accept such a job, I think you should do it. Is that ok?

in fact, the work in the toy factory is not difficult. It is easy to start. Moreover, the toy factory is much easier and more free than those electronic factories. I have experienced this personally

mainly for toy assembly and transportation
it won’t be very hard.
I have work experience and am very relaxed, but I have no future. Not very tired. Piece work and timing. The equipment environment is good. The salary is low. If you spray oil, the salary is high, but you should be familiar with it


Hello, where is it

it depends on which department you are assigned to. If you are smart, you will get started quickly. I hope you can adopt it.

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