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What do you know about auto parts packaging?

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1. Protective packaging

the protective packaging of auto parts is used to avoid bumps, scratches, stains and other damages of cars and auto parts during transportation, storage and handling. Protective packaging mostly adopts measures such as spraying protective wax or paint protective agent on auto parts, and local covering film is also one of the protective forms of auto parts packaging

2. Antirust packaging


among auto parts products, metal products account for 80%, which means that parts products are easy to rust due to humid environment during transportation and storage, resulting in aging and damage of products and affecting use. Therefore, it is very important to carry out antirust packaging for auto parts. At present, antirust packaging for auto parts mostly adopts antirust oil sealing packaging or vapor phase antirust packaging. In recent years, with the development of various antirust waxes, they have gradually been used as antirust packaging for auto parts, inner cavity or phosphating of parts and protection of paint surface. Therefore, anti rust packaging has also become an important measure to ensure the product quality of auto parts

3. Transportation packaging

auto parts products need to be transported at different distances from production to assembly. Therefore, a series of protective measures are very important in the process of product transportation. These protective measures taken during transportation are transportation packaging. Logistics iron box is commonly used in transportation outer packaging. Putting the rust proof and protective packaging of parts into the logistics iron box can improve the safety of parts and products and ensure the quality of on-line products in the process of long-distance transportation. Many auto parts manufacturers make repeated packing for customers’ products for profit purposes or other products, such as carton cushions and cushioning foams, cartons outside the carton, and even the goods themselves are not heavy, but there are many stiffeners or full steel edges on the wooden box when designing. p>

counterfeiting of auto parts is a very common problem, so anti counterfeiting has become a compulsory course for every driver. Here are some techniques you can master. One question: ask the price. Low price is the first factor to attract consumers, so the price difference between authentic goods and fake goods is several times or even more than 10 times. For example, the bumper of authentic Fukang car costs 460 yuan, while the fake goods only cost 60 yuan; Authentic Fukang headlights cost 240 yuan, while fake ones cost only 40 yuan. Two comparisons: 1. Compare the original. The original can be disassembled and compared with the purchased accessories. Through visual analysis, there are many differences between genuine and fake goods. 2. Compare the effect. The use effect must be good and bad. The service life is also long and short. At the same time, there are differences in safety, comfort and durability. However, this identification trick can be known only after being fooled and compared

when packaging goods, merchants often wind the cartons repeatedly with adhesive tape because they are afraid of damage during transportation. Some used to pack only one meter, but used several meters of tape. Take transparent tape as an example. In 2015, the length of the tape used by express delivery can be 430 circles around the equator of the earth. If estimated at 0.15 kg per box, these express deliveries will produce more than 4.5 million tons of packaging waste. PVC tape has been used for hundreds of years, which is the main material used in express packaging

If transparent tape is necessary for Yuankang’s packaging, Yuankang will generally replace it with base paper tape. Base paper tape is cheap, environmentally friendly and degradable

at present, most of the disposable packaging used by auto parts manufacturers are cartons and wooden cases. The raw materials of paper and wood come from the forest. The extensive use of these packaging must cause certain damage to forest resources. The metal turnover box and plastic turnover box launched by Yuankang are recyclable turnover packaging. It can not only better protect products, but also the cost of comprehensive packaging is lower than that of one-time packaging

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