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What does brand packaging design include?

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“packaging” mainly includes “product packaging” and “brand packaging”, and “product packaging” mainly refers to the internal to external packaging of products, including packaging paper, box, box, etc. “Brand packaging” is a relatively broad packaging concept. It refers to the packaging of the overall business culture for the brand concept, from a series of behaviors such as brand visual image system, brand culture communication and business environment design, so as to form a complete brand building system

the design content is shown in the figure above

brand packaging design includes the design of brand logo, the use of advertising language, picture album, commodity packaging and other publicity design.


brand vis identification system, logo, graphic definition, color definition, font size, practicability, etc

1. The logo

logo of an enterprise is not only an obvious recognizability, but also the basic work of brand design. The innovative logo can better publicize the advantages and culture of the brand, and can be more easily remembered by consumers

2. The unique enterprise name font

is also associated with the enterprise logo. Most enterprises do not use common fonts as enterprise identification fonts. It will be consistent with the corporate logo in form and color matching, making it look more beautiful and recognizable

3. Slogans

compared with corporate logo, slogans more directly publicize their own brand culture, so that the public can understand the enterprise and deepen their brand impression of the enterprise at the same time

4. Album and packaging

the public generally understand an enterprise through the enterprise album. The album condenses the culture, business scope and achievements of an enterprise. Excellent album is easy to make people feel the inside information and connotation of the enterprise, so the album design becomes particularly important for brand publicity

if the enterprise operates tangible products, the product packaging design can also affect the product sales. Brand design requires consistency and commonality between the top and bottom of the brand. Product packaging design can also virtually let consumers know what brand it is, which enterprise produces it, the function advantages of the product and so on

5. Brand communication

brand design is to spread and improve the brand image, so it is necessary to design the communication channel, brand positioning, media selection, group positioning and so on

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