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What does pencil mean

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What does pencil mean


 H or B on the pencil is the first letter of hard and black in English, indicating the hardness and blackness of the refill respectively. HB mark indicates moderate hardness and blackness

 2. Common pencils are also marked with numbers before h or B, such as 2h, 4b, etc. The larger the number of H (10h at most), the higher the hardness of the refill and the lower the blackness; The larger the number of B (up to 9b), the softer and darker the lead core. Sometimes, you may also see a pencil marked with F, which is the first letter of the English word firm, indicating that the hardness and blackness are between HB or B

 3. Pencils are divided into 18 types according to national standards and different graphite concentrations

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today, we see that the h, B and Hb marked on the pencil represent the softness and hardness of the pencil, which also has its origin. Until the end of the 18th century, only Britain and Germany had pencil supply in the world. After Napoleon launched the war against neighboring countries, Britain and Germany cut off the pencil supply to France. Therefore, Napoleon ordered French chemist Conde to find graphite ore in his own land and then make pencils. However, the quality of graphite ore in France was poor and its reserves were small. Conde mixed clay into graphite and barbecued it in a kiln to make a durable pencil lead in the world at that time. The hardness and color depth of the pencil lead produced by adding different proportion of clay into graphite are also different. “H” is the initial letter of “hard” in English, which represents clay and indicates the hardness of the pencil lead. “The larger the number in front of” H “(such as 6h), the harder the pencil lead will be, that is, the larger the proportion of clay mixed with graphite in the pencil lead, the less obvious the words will be written, which is often used for copying.” B “is the initial letter of” black “in English, which represents graphite and indicates the soft condition of the pencil lead and the obvious degree of writing. Take” 6B ” It is the softest and the blackest handwriting. It is often used for painting. The ordinary pencil mark is generally “HB”, and the pencil mark used to paint the answer card during the exam is generally “2B”.

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 Hello! Dear, I'm glad to answer for you. The meaning of pencil is as follows: 






 poke an eye on the paper to bind 


 you can make toys when you are bored 


 can be used as a flying beacon 


 make measurement work 


 make furnishings 


 can be used as a conductor 


 can be used for fragment display (people tear the next piece of paper they don't want people to see, smear it all over, and then peep into other people's privacy) 


 use it as chopsticks 


 can be used as a tool to slide others 




 sharpening of the pen tip can be used as a weapon 


 in case of distress in the field, you can take out the refill and use it as a straw to drink the spring water in the rock crack 


 carve out the pen body and make it into a handicraft 




 cut the pencil into sections, remove the refill and tie the rope to make wind chimes, door curtains, etc. 


 it can be padded under something and used as a rolling log to push 


 you can also cut off a section as needed when the cushion body 


 wood is originally an insulator, non-conductive, and the pen core is conductive. In this regard, you can use 


 the sawdust is also useful for many purposes: igniting fire, acting as filler (in toys), making decorative paintings and adsorbing dirt 


 wooden stick used for ignition 

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 many people give me things. I don't know what to give. Thinking that there are pencils everywhere in my home, I use pencils as a return gift 


 Hello! Kiss, that's OK. Etiquette is light and affection is heavy 


 OK, thank you for your answer 


 you're welcome^ ω^

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it should be a line in a movie or short film, saying “are you a pencil?” Is “are you 2B?” It means to use a pencil instead.

that’s a question. Are you a foreigner
pencil is the most primitive tool for primary school students to write and is a necessary tool for drawing. It can also be used to draw some drawings

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