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What does printing and packaging design do

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that brother is right. Printing is printing and design is design Design is to transform ideas into visual documents; Printing is the transformation of visual documents into real objects, a grasshopper on a rope But one thing is very important. If the design is good and cannot be realized through printing, it is empty talk Therefore, design should understand printing, at least understand the process and principle; Printing should understand design and be able to express the designer’s intention
in fact, there are too many mental workers in our country now. They simply don’t understand the process and principle of manual labor tied together. What they make is a pile of garbage

printing is printing, that is, printing the package you want or the designed package with a printing machine. Packaging design is just the design of product packaging.

in fact, it depends on the enterprise you choose? First: if you are in an enterprise that provides packaging services for customers, your most important thing is to revise the layout documents and structure documents provided by customers to facilitate your company’s production. In this case, the most important work is typesetting and modifying documents. Second: if you are in a company and do the packaging design of your company’s products for that company, you should collect relevant packaging information on the page, integrate it and make your own documents. In terms of size, you should make relevant size structure according to your company’s products, such as carton, CD box, various color boxes and other size structure design

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