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What equipment does the office paper processing plant need?

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the most common household paper in our market are toilet paper and pumping paper. Toilet paper has core, unintentional and single roll plastic packaging. There are bags of soft paper wrapped in plastic film and paper wrapped in cardboard box. These two kinds of paper towels have the largest sales in the market. Therefore, friends who want to make household paper processing enter the industry from processing them

toilet paper processing site

small processing plants producing toilet paper use three machines, namely 1880 toilet paper rewinder, band saw paper cutter and water-cooled sealing machine. This set of equipment can process toilet paper raw materials below 2.2M, and the production capacity in eight hours is about two tons. Generally, small and medium-sized toilet paper processing plants use this set of machines, A set of toilet paper processing equipment like this costs about fifty or sixty thousand


paper extraction processing equipment

generally, paper extraction is used for families, restaurants, offices, hotels, etc. small processing plants producing paper extraction are generally equipped with three rows of paper extraction machines and soft extraction flat ironing packaging machines, which can process seven or eight hundred kilograms of paper extraction in eight hours. If the requirements for production efficiency are relatively high, five or seven rows of paper extraction machines can also be selected, and then a fully automatic paper extraction rotary paper cutter can be selected, The full-automatic paper extraction three-dimensional packaging machine is used later, but compared with small paper extraction processing equipment, the price of this machine is much more expensive. In addition, toilet paper and paper extraction can be done at the same time, but it needs more funds. Or one can be done first according to the local market situation, and the other can be done when it develops to a certain scale, so the pressure will be less

automatic toilet paper processing equipment

the above is the equipment used for toilet paper and pumping paper processing. If both toilet paper and pumping paper are well done, the investment needs to be about 200000. The price should also be determined according to the model and size configuration. Friends who want to be toilet paper and pumping paper processing should try to investigate the market situation first. I suggest you go to the manufacturer’s site to investigate, In this way, the detailed information of the equipment is more clear

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