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What if a section of 4cm long corn blocks the toilet?

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try breaking the corn cob with a piece of iron wire or use a dredge

1. Take the iron wire into a hook and stretch it into the sewer mouth to stir, so that the dirt is wrapped around the iron wire, and then pull out the iron wire to drag the dirt out of the sewer mouth. Or find a half inch wide bamboo stick to stretch into the toilet to dredge

2. Fill the toilet with half the water, and make the round mop or round head soft brush pound the hole in the sewer. You can also use the old-fashioned mop. After half the water is filled, use the mop to press hard into the hole. The action should be fast and make it through by pressure. Or go to the market to buy a chuaizi, and then try it a few times. If you use it once a half month, it won’t be blocked


3. Use the beverage bottle to dredge, cut off the bottom of the finished large coke bottle, put it upside down in the toilet, hold the bottom of the hand and draw it up a few times
4. Wrap rags around the air cylinder, then pour some water into it and start pumping. It will be dredged after a while

5. Find a section of hose, connect the tap water at one end, wrap a rag at the other end, insert it into the sewer pipe, and then turn on the tap water. The principle is that the pressure of tap water is about 4MPa, which can completely flush the sewer. Remember not to let water leak at both ends of the hose to keep the pressure high

toilet purchasing skills:

1. Look at the weight

the heavier the toilet is, the better its quality is. Generally, the weight of an ordinary toilet is about 50 kg, while the weight of a good toilet is usually about 100 kg. The toilet with heavy weight will have higher density and better quality

2. Water outlet

when purchasing a toilet, pay attention to the water outlet at the bottom of it. Generally, it is better to have only one sewage hole, but now most brands of toilet sewage holes are set with 2 to 3. You should know that the more sewage holes, the more they affect the impulse of the toilet. In addition, the water outlet of the toilet is divided into lower drainage and horizontal drainage. Therefore, when purchasing the toilet, you must buy the right model, otherwise the toilet cannot be installed

3. Glaze

in the process of purchasing a toilet, you also need to pay attention to its glaze. Generally, for a toilet with good quality, its glaze is smooth, smooth, without bubbles, and its color is saturated. In the purchase, you can touch the sewer of the toilet. If it is rough, it is easy to cause hanging after use

4. Water tank

the water tank is also a place to pay attention to in the purchase of the toilet, because if there is water leakage in the water storage tank of the toilet, it is generally not easy to be found unless there is an obvious dripping sound. Therefore, in the purchase process, you can drop some blue ink into the toilet water tank, and then mix it well. If there is blue water flowing out of the toilet water outlet, it indicates that there is water leakage

type of stool and its influence on the body. The key points of checking the health status with the status of stool are: “color”, “shape”, “hardness” and “smell”. Here, let’s first look at “shape” and “hardness”. According to hardness and shape, stool is divided into six types. 1. The water content of rolling (spastic constipation) is less than 70% 2 The water content of hard (slow constipation) is less than 70% 3 Banana shape (in good condition), yellow color, water content 70% – 80% 4 The moisture content of semi paste (soft stool) is higher than 80% 5 Muddy (diarrhea) water content exceeds 80% 6 The water content of watery (diarrhea) is more than 90%. These six types are roughly representative shapes. Just as everyone’s appearance is different, but they can be classified according to some characteristics. The hardness of stool is determined by the water ratio contained in stool. Ordinary stool contains 70% ~ 80% water. More than 80% water is soft stool, which is equivalent to the semi paste and muddy diarrhea stool in the figure; If the water content is more than 90%, the stool will be watery. If constipation, the water content is less than 70%, as shown in the round or hard type. Stool is usually in the large intestine and moves at a speed of 10 cm per hour. If it is spasmodic constipation, the speed will slow down and the water will be reduced. The stool discharged is like rabbit stool, which is small and hard. Intestinal stagnant stool will produce harmful substances. I believe you have heard the saying “intestinal stagnant stool”, but few people know the meaning clearly. In fact, this is also a cause of constipation. When a person is constipated, his stool will be stuck in his anus, and the stool that follows him will sometimes be obstructed and cannot pass through. In this way, the black, unburned charcoal like stool will stick firmly between the meat folds of the intestine. This stagnant stool in the intestine becomes a burden that hinders the function of the intestine. Even if the stool stagnant in the intestine is discharged, the intestine does not absorb water at this time, so it often pulls out soft stool; Because the stool is semi paste or muddy, we often mistake it for diarrhea. However, from a medical point of view, this is also a kind of constipation. At this time, due to the stagnation of stool, the intestines also began to rot and produce harmful substances. After these harmful substances are absorbed by the intestine, they will seriously damage human health. Constipation can bring us all kinds of adverse effects. Although we said that “constipation is not fatal”, in fact, sometimes constipation is an indirect cause of death. When we defecate, because we exert ourselves, our blood pressure will be higher than usual. For people with normal blood pressure, the blood pressure during defecation is 10 to 20 higher than usual. Especially in winter, people who often have high blood pressure faint in the toilet, and exertion during defecation is also one of the reasons. As the temperature decreases and blood vessels contract, the blood pressure will rise. In this case, when defecating hard, the blood pressure often rises rapidly, resulting in cerebral vascular rupture and fainting. Yellow stool like a baby is ideal. Next, let’s talk about the color of stool. The general saying is: “when a baby’s stool is yellow, when he grows up, it becomes black or brown.” Most books seem to write like this, which can’t be mistaken. But the way of expression still needs to be discussed. As mentioned above, the baby’s stool is yellow. It is also true that most people turn their stools black or brown as soon as they reach adulthood. However, not everyone is like this. With age, stool does not necessarily turn black. In the past, I have examined many people’s stools. As for the color of stool, what surprised me most was that the stool of a Buddhist monk was like baby yellow stool, showing a very beautiful milky brown. No matter how strict the practice is and how firm the faith is, the color of stool will not be different from that of ordinary people! So why is their stool color different from that of ordinary people? Because they mainly eat tofu and green vegetables every day and do not eat meat at all, the stool is yellow. In other words, the stool is black or brown. The biggest reason is meat and fatty food, that is, the European and American diet. On the contrary, if the food eaten is the same as that of monks, even the stool excreted by adults will not be black, but may be an ideal milky brown. Discharging dark stool may be a serious disease. For the time being, regardless of the monks in the Zen temple, in terms of adults, no matter how particular about diet, the pH (pH value) will not be lower than 5.5; Even so, if we can minimize the European and American diet, the intestines will be acidic to the same extent as infants. Although black or brown stool is a warning, there is no
need to panic and go to the hospital. As long as you eat acidic food as much as possible to make your stool yellow. However, if the stool is darker or purple than usual, special attention must be paid to it. It is not only that the pH value is acidic but also

when something easy to float blocks the sewer, it can be pulled out with a leather puller. The corn cob is a hard object and does not float up, so the effect of pulling out with a leather puller is not ideal. You have to break the corn cob. Try with a piece of wire. If not, you can only use the dredger. In the future, it should be noted that sewer blockage is very troublesome!

if it is not stuck, use hard wire to poke it and pull it out.

let’s find dredging company, which is convenient and fast.

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