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What if the bag is easy to deform?

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if your bag is seriously deformed, you can’t handle it by yourself. So at this time, you should send your bag to a professional luxury maintenance organization for deformation repair. First of all, we should reshape the bag and restore it to its original appearance, so as not to affect the beauty of the bag. For the plastic repair of bags, other aspects will be involved, so we must let a professional leather repairman repair them

therefore, it is essential for the correct use and daily care of your bag, so as to ensure that your bag will not be damaged. And don’t put sharp objects in the bag to avoid scratching your bag. If the bag is scratched, your leather will be damaged

avoid putting too heavy items in the bag to avoid wrinkling and deformation; If your bag is exposed to the sun for a long time, it is likely to cause your bag to be sunburned; Moreover, many girls also take cosmetics out, and try not to put cosmetics in their bags, and the stains of cosmetics are not easy to clean; If you don’t use the bag for a long time, try to fill the bag with fillers such as newspaper or soft cloth to prevent the bag from being squeezed and causing deformation.

find a non-woven bag (68 underwear is OK) and put the things in the bag into the bag first and then into the bag
in that case, it works. The LV bag I bought is used. You can try this method


find something hard and weigh it, such as plastic and cardboard.

the bag is easy to deform. Treatment method:
1. You can put the newspaper in the bag and hold it until it is saturated. It’s good to keep it for a period of time
2. Professional maintenance can be carried out on real leather bags first, because leather products tend to lose luster or harden or even crack due to long-term use, which affects the appearance
daily maintenance bag method:
1. Wipe the leather bag regularly with shoe ointment of the same color to keep the leather bag bright and moist, but avoid using liquid shoe polish. When applying shoe cream to the leather bag, pay attention not to apply the shoe cream directly on the surface of the bag. First apply it on a soft cloth or sponge, and then apply it on the leather bag. Apply it evenly
2. If the bag is not dry, it will burst in the shade. Otherwise, it will only dry in the shade
3. After normal use, wipe the dust with sponge or soft cloth. If there is a gap on the edge of the bag, you can wipe the dust with a pointed hat, and then put it into the paper ball to prevent the deformation of the bag
4. When using a leather bag, avoid collision, friction and scratches with hard objects, which will affect the appearance. Also, avoid putting too heavy things in it, which will wrinkle or deform the bag.

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