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What is an air conditioning cold storage

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controlled atmosphere cold storage is a storage method to reduce oxygen in the storage ambient air and increase carbon dioxide under appropriate low temperature conditions. Controlling and coordinating these two gas components, combined with cold storage, can more effectively inhibit the respiration of vegetables and fruits, post ripening and aging and the activity of pathogenic microorganisms, and prolong the storage and shelf life of products

the fresh-keeping principle of controlled atmosphere cold storage is to improve the relative humidity of the storage environment of the cold storage on the basis of cold storage, and artificially adjust the specific gas components in the cold storage. On the premise of maintaining the normal physiological activities of fruits, it can effectively inhibit the effects of respiration, evaporation, hormones, microorganisms and enzymes, delay their physiological metabolism, delay the process of post ripening and aging and prevent deterioration and corruption, so as to keep fruits fresh for a longer time. The gas regulation of controlled atmosphere cold storage is to reduce the oxygen concentration in the air from 21% to 3% ~ 5%, that is, the fresh-keeping cold storage is based on the high-temperature cold storage, plus a set of controlled atmosphere system, using the joint action of temperature and controlling oxygen content, so as to inhibit the respiratory state of fruits and vegetables after harvest

cold storage refers to facilities that use various equipment for refrigeration, human control and stable low temperature. Refrigeration system, control device, heat insulation warehouse and attached buildings are the basic components of cold storage


cold storage emphasizes freezing and cold storage, generally including popsicles, ice cubes, cold fresh meat, frozen fish and so on. Controlled atmosphere storage generally emphasizes preservation, and generally puts melons, fruits and vegetables.

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