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What is candy packaging material

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OPP (stretched polypropylene) is generally used for food packaging
drug boxes are generally white cards with a weight of more than 450g /m2
the key is that if the surface is coated, it doesn’t matter if the gram weight is a little lower

from the perspective of packaging, the film includes (I) polyethylene (1) LDPE: low density polyethylene, high pressure polyethylene
(2) LLDPE: linear low density polyethylene (3) MDPE: medium density polyethylene, bimodal resin
(4) HDPE: high density polyethylene Low pressure polyethylene 5) UHMWPE: ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (II) PET (III) PVC (IV) OPP I think the answer upstairs is wrong. The gram weight of the drug is generally below 250G /m2, and 450g /m2 is already thick cardboard. How can it be

what is the packaging material of candy we eat now? If it is a composite film, what kinds of materials are it made of? The first problem includes three aspects. There are three common ways of candy packaging. The first is pillow packaging, which is the kind of packaging that we usually buy with two ends sealed tightly and gas inside. This kind of packaging is usually a two-layer structure. The inner layer is CPP transparent or aluminized, which is the side that directly contacts the candy. If the outer layer has OPP, pet; The second kind of kink packaging, kink packaging is usually a single-layer packaging, but also a small part. For example, some fruit sugars are made of composite rainbow film. At present, the materials used in kink packaging are generally pet and cellophane; The third kind is folding paper packaging, which is the traditional Swiss sugar packaging. In these cases, there is usually an inner layer. Therefore, not only OPP, but also pet, CPP, rainbow film and pearlescent film will be used.

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