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What is packaging engineering

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What do you learn about packaging engineering in college? Is it easy to get employed after graduation

Packaging Engineering Majors in packaging engineering cultivate senior compound engineering and technical talents who have the ability of packaging system design, packaging product manufacturing and sales, and packaging production management, and can engage in packaging system design, quality inspection, technical management and scientific research in commodity production enterprises (such as electronic and electrical companies, pharmaceutical factories), logistics companies, packaging enterprises, scientific research institutions, foreign trade, commodity inspection and other departments
training requirements: students of this major should learn the basic theory of packaging to protect commodities, facilitate circulation and promote sales, packaging design principles and methods, packaging materials, packaging printing, packaging testing, packaging process design, packaging equipment, logistics technology, logistics management, transportation packaging, food and drug packaging and other basic knowledge
main courses: polymer physics and chemistry, Fundamentals of mechanical design, packaging materials, packaging technology, packaging decoration design, packaging machinery, packaging testing, packaging structure design, packaging design, transportation and packaging logistics management, database
after graduation, students are mainly engaged in comprehensive technical work such as commodity quality inspection and technical management in commodity inspection, foreign trade, customs, technical supervision and other departments; Engaged in packaging system design, packaging process formulation, packaging technology research, logistics management and logistics technology research in commodity production enterprises (such as electronic and electrical companies and pharmaceutical factories), packaging enterprises and logistics companies; Engaged in graphic design, web design and other work in advertising companies and media units

first of all, we should have basic knowledge:
Mathematics: Advanced Mathematics, linear algebra, probability and statistics
at first, I thought it was useless to learn mathematics, especially integral, differential, matrix, statistics, distribution, etc.
later, learning packaging testing, packaging machinery and other professional knowledge are closely related to mathematics. I remember a teacher said that any discipline can become a separate discipline only with the intervention of mathematics, and the development of philosophy will reach the peak. Now I think this is very right So mathematics should be worth learning
English: four volumes of College English, professional English for half a semester, and Cambridge Business English in the experimental class
don’t say the importance of English. You have to pass CET-4. It’s very useful in business Learn computer: theoretical knowledge, program design, microcomputer principle, programmable program control
computer level is one of the criteria to measure whether you are a talent. In theoretical knowledge, you must learn the composition and working principle of computer, and then you must learn office well, which is not ordinary. This is important. You can know from the name, office software, C program, Jave, compilation and so on. You can learn a good subject and get a second grade, It’s exciting to learn how to set up machines. It’s great to play DIY and price money in the palm of your hand and devise strategies.
ideology and Morality: horses, Mao, Deng and so on. Just have a look, but personal ideology and morality are still very important, and the way of being a person is still very important. The law must be learned well. It’s necessary to take a course in contract law.
let’s officially talk about packaging:
the arrival of a package must first choose materials, So there is
packaging materials
the properties of materials include physical properties and chemical properties. The courses include college physics, theoretical mechanics, material mechanics, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, polymer physics and physical chemistry. At first, I didn’t know what to do with these courses. Because these courses were held very early and before the professional courses, I thought it was useless to learn them, but later, I found how important they were when I learned the professional knowledge, For example, if you want to test whether a package is qualified, you need to use chemical methods to determine the acidity and alkalinity, physical methods to measure the water absorption, barrier, mechanical properties, stiffness, strength and stability, which are inseparable from these foundations
if the materials are selected, then
packaging design
is divided into two parts, structural container design, which is used to hold goods. You need to design a scheme, considering the materials, contents, transportation, printing and sales, Mass production requires knowledge of packaging CAD and CorelDRAW.
the other is packaging and decoration design. The surface of the box can’t have nothing. You should design a pattern, text, brand and description. Well, you should consider printing technology, color matching and other knowledge, which requires you to know Photoshop, composition and other knowledge.
when you design packaging, you can’t complete the packaging process manually, Then this involves mechanical problems:
packaging mechanics
includes mechanical design, packaging process automation, packaging production line, packaging machinery principle and packaging technology. When you do a good job in packaging, it also involves packaging transportation and packaging test. Packaging that fails to pass the test is not allowed to enter the market. This aspect requires very high requirements, and then it is difficult to learn. As a packaging talent, It’s necessary to learn these well
then we’ll go to the content of packaging specialty
packaging technology, food packaging, plastic packaging, paper packaging and other material technology, as well as insurance technology, anti-corrosion technology, and N multi prevention, which are also closely combined with physical, chemical and machinery
if the packer doesn’t understand printing, he won’t be a packaging talent
it’s very necessary to understand the knowledge of printing, There are many designers who make exquisite designs but can’t be applied to products. The reason is that they don’t know how to print, so we need to know about pre press, printing and post press, as well as ink, printing machinery, printing materials, plate making, printing methods, etc. Although we don’t have a deep understanding, we can’t do without it.
finally, if your product is ready, you should sell it.
sales packaging
there won’t be such a class in school, even if there is one, It is absolutely impossible to be knowledgeable, because this course is not easy to take, so what should we do? To be a designer or a technician, the requirements for yourself are too low. If you have a lot of knowledge and don’t engage in sales, you are too incompetent. The goal of learning so much knowledge is to be happy and earn a lot of money. Happiness is based on a certain material foundation, money is based on business, thousands of wages per month and more than 20 days of work will not be happy, even if you do the work you like, Therefore, we must transform to the sales direction, so that we can be worthy of being a comprehensive talent
in the next research, the postgraduate entrance examination is excluded
CET-4, computer level 2 and 3, network engineer, ISO9000, ISO14000, logistics engineer, graphic designer, CAD Engineer, etc. We can try to get
finally, let’s talk about the development direction after we leave the school. Many people don’t know what we will do in the future. Now let me tell you, We are comprehensive talents, also known as compound talents, so our indu
stry should also be multifaceted
packaging material direction: new materials are developed at the speed of one kind per minute, and the utilization value is constantly generated. There must be a way out in producing packaging with different materials
packaging design direction: any product needs packaging, container and decoration, so it is also a good direction for us to start from here, If you are interested in dealing with computer software, you can try
the development direction of machinery: first, machinery development and control. The monthly salary of a printing captain is 10000 yuan, which is promising for machinery control. In addition, the sales of packaging machinery is a good field. If you understand the principle of packaging machinery, you are more valuable than the sales talents in charge, and there is a commission for sales. A packaging machinery is n million, and an assembly line is 10 million, We visited a Heidelberg four-color printing press with more than 10 million, and selling one or two a year is enough
packaging technology direction: there is room for development in fresh-keeping, food packaging and processing industries
printing direction: for example, PS plate making, ink processing and post press processing are also very good industries
economic direction needless to say
computer direction: for friends who love computers, there is a wide space for development in this direction, such as DPS technology, remote packaging and printing management, website design, 3D, flash and graphic design, In fact, the Internet really contains too many things, and it is also very promising
finally, we start our own business and be our own boss. The society supports it very much. We should start our own business with great confidence

the materials produced and processed are


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