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What is the customs code of the packing machine? Shanghai second-hand equipment import agent

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detailed description:
Import flow chart:
the customer provides data and pictures of equipment to be imported → our company calculates various import expenses → quotation → signing import treatment agreement → our company handles the import commodity inspection filing and inspection and quarantine application of second-hand used equipment in China → daily export shipping booking → shipping to Hong Kong → document replacement, Pick up the goods → our Hong Kong warehouse → contact the Hong Kong Central Inspection Company for inspection → after passing the central inspection → apply for the electromechanical certificate → arrange the barge from Hong Kong to the inland wharf → change the original of the local Commodity Inspection Bureau for filing and the inspection and quarantine certificate → our company’s inspection → export inspection and customs clearance form → on-site inspection and verification by the Commodity Inspection Bureau →
our company prepares the import declaration materials → customs import audit → tax issue and tax payment → customs inspection → pick up and release → our company arranges the domestic shipping order Warehouse → trailer to shipping terminal → customer designated port → trailer to customer manufacturer
I. core of used mechanical and electrical import
1. Application difficulties: used mechanical and electrical filing, pre shipment inspection and quarantine, commodity inspection and customs price Review
2. Regulatory conditions: a (commodity inspection), O (automatic import license), 6 (prohibited import of used mechanical and electrical products)
3. Customs clearance data: filing document, intermediate inspection certificate, mechanical and electrical certificate Basic customs declaration data (packing list, invoice, contract)
II. Operation key
1. Used mechanical and electrical filing: truthfully fill in the equipment information to ensure that the goods certificate is consistent, so as to prepare for the smooth passing of intermediate inspection
2. Intermediate inspection: first, the intermediate inspection at the place where the goods are located. The foreign intermediate inspection company will go to the factory where the goods are located to inspect the equipment nameplate, the degree of old and new, the condition of wires and cables, safety signs, etc. Second, the goods were sent to Hong Kong for intermediate inspection. Before delivery, the equipment was cleaned and rectified, and the one-time intermediate inspection passed
3. Commodity inspection and inspection: generally occurs after inspection application. In case of port commodity inspection, it is basically based on the equipment status after shipment. It does not need to be started for inspection, and the passing rate is high; Or the Commodity Inspection Bureau of the place where the equipment consignee is located shall inspect the equipment. After the consignee installs the equipment, the Commodity Inspection Bureau will come to check the nameplate and safety signs, which may involve dynamic inspection, i.e. startup detection
4. Customs price review: as long as the customs price review is based on the current market price of goods, the old and new degree of equipment, purchase contract, invoice, etc., in our current operation case, the new declaration is made on the 7th floor, and the pass rate is up to 90%
III. about time
1 Equipment for filing: 5-7 working days for ordinary used mechanical and electrical equipment and 15 working days for key used mechanical and electrical equipment
2. Automatic import license: 10 ~ 15 working days
3 Intermediate inspection: 4 ~ 7 working days
4 The specific time of freight transportation depends on the voyage
5. Shanghai Port declaration and customs clearance, 5 ~ 7 working days
details of import expenses:
Hong Kong part: document replacement fee, wharf miscellaneous fee, pick-up fee, warehouse rent, intermediate inspection fee and its agency fee, transit fee
Shanghai part: tariff,

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