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What is the detailed overview of blowing filling capping combiblock?

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blow filling capping – newamstar in English or blow filling capping combi block – newamstar is an integrated system integrating bottle blowing, filling and capping solutions, reducing intermediate links such as conveying, empty bottle handling, stacking and storage processes, improving packaging hygiene conditions and reducing cross contamination, The overall operation efficiency is improved, and the energy consumption is greatly reduced, so as to reduce the comprehensive production cost of beverage production enterprises

the production capacity ranges from 12000 bottles /hour to 80000 bottles /hour. The pipe blowing and sorting machine is suitable for purified water, carbonated drinks, fruit juice, tea, liquid milk, liquid condiments and daily chemical products packaged in PET bottles

analysis and comparison of technical characteristics between blowing, filling and rotating all-in-one machine and traditional filling machine


blowing filling capping newamstar /or (blowing filling capping combi block newamstar):

1 The stable infrared heating system and independent heat balance adjustment device make the temperature of the bottle blank consistent when heating, and the process has good consistency and stability, so as to further improve the yield

2. The specially designed secondary air blowing system can monitor the pressure change curve during the bottle forming process of each mold in real time, provide timely and accurate real-time parameters for the process adjustment, greatly facilitate the operators to adjust the process parameters, and ensure the stability of bottle forming quality

3. High speed and high precision diaphragm filling valve: it is equipped with an air return channel independent of the liquid cylinder. During the filling process, the air replaced
in the PET bottle does not enter the liquid cylinder to avoid secondary pollution; Equipped with
cleaning cup, it can realize online CIP cleaning

4. Sanitary washable capping machine: kinematically optimized cam
curved surface design ensures that the impact force of capping machine is minimized
the bottle bottom support plate of the bottle outlet shift wheel adopts the spiral descent mode, and there is no need to adjust the height of the bottle outlet conveying chain to change the
bottle shape

during operation, the small bottles are also blown out of the empty bottles through the bottle blowing machine, which are transmitted to the filling machine through the manipulator and transition wheel. As the working environment of filling machine and bottle blowing machine is completely different, they interfere with each other. In the wet area during filling, lower working temperature is required. Bottle blowing requires a dry environment, which is the heat source area. Therefore, it is necessary to consider effectively separating the bottle blowing machine from the filling machine and setting a transition cabin. Only the gap in and out of the bottle is left in the area, so as to achieve a closed state as far as possible. The top FFU is clean and positive pressure air flow, which blocks the air, and can prevent the channeling of water gas and hot air

of course, after the empty bottle comes out of the crossover area, it is transmitted to the filling host through several transition pulleys. During this period, we must carry out necessary cooling treatment on the bottle bottom to ensure the subsequent filling quality

the bottle temperature from the bottle blowing machine is high. When filling aerated drinks, the feed liquid temperature is low and the carbon dioxide is just mixed, which is very unstable. The temperature at the bottom of the bottle must be reduced from 60 ~ 70 ℃ to 40 ~ 50 ℃ to avoid foaming caused by the heat of the bottle affecting the filling materials. Blow the bottle to the lower part of the filling transfer star wheel, and configure a certain number of spray cooling nozzles to cool the bottom of the bottle by spraying external water. The number of nozzles depends on the filling speed and the combined arrangement of bottles. After experimental demonstration, the cooling time takes 5 seconds to achieve the effect. The actual cooling interval is designed for no less than 8 seconds so that bottles with different bottom weights and shapes can be handled. In the nozzle design, large cooling surfaces are guaranteed, and efficient spray nozzle cooling can greatly reduce water consumption. In addition, according to the choice of customers, cooling water circulation can be done to save energy and reduce emissions

when the cooled empty bottle is transferred into the filling host, the filling valve is ready to work. As the most important core component of the filling machine, we will give priority to recommending the electromagnetic flowmeter and electronic valve to customers. The traditional mechanical isobaric filling valve is basically similar to the electronic isobaric filling valve of electromagnetic flowmeter in filling process. The difference is that the mechanical valve adopts the actuator to realize various filling process actions according to the installation position, while the electronic valve is automatically controlled according to the time sequence through the electrical program. In this way, even when the rotating speed of the equipment changes, the filling of the electronic valve can automatically execute the set action time to meet the constant filling state, ensuring the quality and accuracy of filling. Compared with mechanical valve, electronic valve can better meet the requirements of high quality, high efficiency, low consumption and intensive design relying on precise control and reliable implementation. Now, the structure and function of the new filling valve developed by new Meixing have made a major breakthrough

the lifting cylinder and valve are designed as a whole. Simple structure, easy to clean. The structure without separate lifting cylinder reduces the maintenance cost and enhances the reliability of the equipment. Besides carbonated drinks, the valve is also suitable for filling mineral water and fruit juice drinks

the valve can also select the filling mode according to the materials. It can adopt the mode of slow first, fast second and slow last, which is convenient for controlling the accuracy, is conducive to the stable filling of materials, prevents foaming, and can increase the filling temperature, realize the normal temperature filling of carbonated drinks and save energy consumption

the electronic valve is designed with a unique spiral blanking and filling valve mode. The filling materials are filled evenly along the bottle wall, which is conducive to controlling the CO ν mixed in the materials, ensuring that the filling process is mild and less bubbling. It is especially suitable for aerated drinks with easy bubbles and high temperature. In addition, the valve chamber anti cleaning function opens the bypass during cleaning, increases the path of the cleaning channel, solves the problem that it is difficult for the small exhaust chamber to form CIP cleaning scouring force, and enhances the cleaning effect. Each filling head is equipped with a cleaning cup. Customers can choose the installation mode of manual or automatic cleaning cup according to their needs

in order to further ensure the filling quality, the feed, standby pressure and exhaust at the periphery of the filling host are adjusted by PID, which is stable in control and filling. In particular, the pressure is maintained after the exhaust chamber is concentrated, which is conducive to controlling the stability of exhaust. It is especially suitable for the filling of carbonated drinks with high temperature

after the bottle is filled, it is transferred into the capping machine through the dial wheel. The design of the capping machine is suitable for different bottle caps. According to the needs of gas bottle cap or drinking water bottle cap, the top differential DC motor can be direc
tly adjusted on the touch screen, and the number of capping turns can be accurately adjusted for different bottle caps. Of course, in addition to the conventional disinfectant spray, the treatment method of bottle cap can also be configured with medium pressure ultraviolet sterilization device or ionic gas purging device on the cover falling guide rail according to the customer’s configuration requirements, so as to meet the diversified needs of customer bottle cap treatment

in actual production, people often need to exchange multiple types of beverage bottles on the same line according to the market situation, from 250ml to 2.5L. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt the quick change structure. The new change part quick change structure can shorten nearly half the working time and greatly improve the production efficiency

In addition, the extensive use of solenoid valves and diaphragm valves puts forward higher requirements for the electromechanical supporting level. The integrated control system and newamstar online detection system comprehensively apply light, machine, electricity, gas and liquid, integrate integrated integration and image recognition technology, and apply servo system for synchronous control, so as to realize the integrated control and production of multiple unit equipment, meet the production needs of a variety of beverages, and achieve the purpose of one machine with multiple functions, In order to realize the integrated production capacity of scientific layout, seamless connection and integrated control of production line, reducing investment cost, energy consumption and equipment maintenance cost. Compared with the traditional filling methods, the electronic filling valve blowing, filling and rotating all-in-one machine English (blowing filling capping – newamstar) /or (blowing filling capping combi block – newamstar) has incomparable advantages in energy conservation and emission reduction, filling accuracy, reliability and other key indicators, and has broad prospects in the future

adopted by the watchtower owner~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

blow, fill and spin all-in-one machine is a mechanical equipment integrating bottle blowing, filling and capping. It is widely used in the field of beverage packaging at this stage. Many mineral water production enterprises, such as Jingtian Baisui mountain, China Resources Yibao, Wahaha, etc., have used blow, fill and spin, of which Jingtian Baisui mountain has a production capacity of 80000 bottles /hour (80000 bottles of mineral water can be filled in an hour)

Combibloc is composed of rotary bottle blowing unit, filling unit and capping unit
the efficiency of the bottle blowing unit is particularly important
the fifth generation bottle blowing unit has a single cavity efficiency of 2500 bottles per hour
the unique mold closing and opening structure can further reduce noise and improve the smoothness of opening and closing
the drawing unit specially developed by sew can be controlled to milliseconds
FESTO valve group can accurately control high-pressure blowing, low-pressure blowing and high-pressure gas recovery
gas consumption and operating power are greatly reduced.

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