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What is the difference between water-soluble fertilizer equipment and mixed fertilizer equipment?

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generally speaking, water-soluble fertilizer includes flushing fertilizer and other water-soluble fertilizers (which can also be used for crop page spraying). Drip irrigation fertilizer is a kind of water-soluble fertilizer, which is used for flushing under high pressure. Therefore, drip irrigation fertilizer is a branch of water-soluble fertilizer. Select the drip irrigation fertilizer and water-soluble fertilizer equipment produced by Beidou automatic control equipment Co., Ltd. which are selected by most manufacturers in Xinjiang. Beidou automatic control Xinjiang has established a Xinjiang office for four years and has accumulated most customers. It has been widely recognized by customers in Xinjiang in terms of quality, after-sales service and accuracy. Songtao, manager of Beidou Xinjiang office, welcomes your visit and guidance.

common ground: they are all automatic batching, mixing and packaging. However, due to different material characteristics, there are great differences in equipment design and manufacturing. It goes without saying that the prices are very different

difference: water soluble fertilizer equipment is suitable for packaging powdery fertilizer, while BB fertilizer equipment, formula fertilizer equipment and mixed fertilizer equipment are suitable for packaging granular materials. Water soluble fertilizer is powdery fertilizer, which is easy to absorb moisture and build bridges. However, the mixed fertilizer, formula fertilizer and BB fertilizer are granular. The production process of the two is the same. Because the water-soluble fertilizer is powdery and has poor fluidity, but it also needs to be sealed for dust removal, the manufacturing of the water-soluble fertilizer equipment is complex and the cost is higher than that of the BB fertilizer complete equipment

price difference: one set of mixed fertilizer will cost more than 100000 yuan automatically, and one set of water-soluble fertilizer will cost millions


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