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What is the function of bar code on commodity packaging

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bar code began in the 1970s. It has been widely used in all kinds of commodities in the world, providing great convenience for commercial activities and commodity management. In 1988, China article coding center was established, and bar code is also widely used in various fields in China, including in publications. In April 1991, China was officially accepted as a member of the international article coding Association, The prefix code of commodity bar code is “690”

bar code, also known as bar code, is composed of a group of lines with regular arrangement, different widths, black and white, parallel and adjacent, and is equipped with a code mark composed of corresponding characters to represent certain information

the meaning of a group of regularly arranged bars and spaces in bar code: bars are the parts with low reflectivity in bar code, that is, the parts with black or color stripes; Empty is the part with high reflectivity in the bar code, that is, the part with white or colorless stripes. Bar code is an automatic identification technology. It is a special code that uses photoelectric scanning and reading equipment to input data to the computer. This code includes product name, specification, price, etc

I. The use function of bar code


(I) automatic reading recognition. As long as you scan the label of the bar code with a scanning reader, the computer can automatically read and identify, determine the code of the commodity, and then find the pricing and accumulation, conduct summary settlement and output the total amount. It is fast and accurate

(II) it can classify, summarize and analyze the information of commodity sales, which is conducive to the smooth progress of business management activities

(III) the sales information can be fed back to the production unit in time through the computer network to reduce the time-space difference of information transmission among production, supply and sales

II. Ean commodity bar code

ean is the abbreviation of European article code and the abbreviation of international article code Association. The member states (or regions) participating in the association are called ean member states (or regions) and specify the code of EAN bar code respectively. Ean bar code is a general commodity bar code. Ean bar code consists of 12 digit product code and one digit check code. The first three digits of the 12 digits are prefix number, the middle four digits are manufacturer code, representing an enterprise, and the last five digits are product code

III. the barcode used in the publication

the barcode used in the publication is EAN13 digit code. The prefix code of ISBN system book special barcode is “978”, and the prefix code of 1sbn system periodical barcode is “977”. The publication bar code is generally printed in the lower left corner of the back cover (or cover) of the book (periodical), and the direction of the bar is parallel (or vertical) to the spine. The bar code can also be printed in the lower left corner of the second book cover as needed. When the spine is on the right, the bar code should generally be printed in the lower right corner of the back cover (or cover), and the direction of the bar is parallel (or vertical) to the spine. The bar code can also be printed in the upper right corner of the second book cover. 4、 The function of using affinity code in publications

(I) it is conducive to the publishing and distribution departments to establish a nationwide distribution information network

(II) it is helpful for publishing units to timely grasp sales information, understand sales trends and improve operation and management

(III) it is conducive to enhancing the competitiveness of publications in the international market

(IV) it is conducive to the computer management of publications in the library

(V) provide technical means for publishing management institutions to strengthen the management of publications

(VI) it is conducive to curbing illegal publishing activities

(VII) it is conducive to the application of POS sales network management system in bookstore stores

bar code is an international product symbol. In order to adapt to computer management, symbolic bar codes for electronic scanning are printed on the sales packages of some products. This symbol bar code is uniformly coded by all countries. It can make the managers of stores know the sales dynamics of goods at any time, simplify management procedures and save management costs
the commodity bar code of EAN (international article code) has two board versions: Standard Version (EAN-13) and shortened version (ean-8). Among them, EAN-13 is a 13 bit code and ean-8 is an 8-bit code. EAN-13 consists of bar code symbol and character code. The code structure is as follows: (Note: the digits written below are from left to right)
⑴ prefix code (2 ~ 3 digits) is a unique code of a country or region, which is assigned by ean headquarters
⑵ the enterprise code (4-5 digits) is assigned by the bar code coding organization of the country or region, and China is uniformly assigned by the China article coding center
⑶ the product code (5 digits) is assigned by the manufacturer
⑷ check code (1 digit) is a special code set to check the scanning correctness and error during the use of bar code. Its number is determined by the above three parts and the specified storage and transportation marks
ean-8 is mainly used for products with small packaging volume. The contents of prefix code (2 ~ 3 digits), product code (4 ~ 5 digits) and check code (1 digit) are the same as EAN-13.

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 Hello, dear, I'm glad to answer [heart] 

 commodity bar code is an important symbol in commodity circulation supply chain. Enterprises can expand sales and reduce costs by using commodity bar code; It is more convenient for consumers to shop with bar code, which saves time; Social institutions serve the public more efficiently by using commodity bar codes

 main functions are: 

 (1) commodity bar code is the only "ID card" and international business language for commodity circulation in the world. (2) Commodity bar code is an important symbol of product traceability

 (3) commodity bar codes play an information transmission role in emerging Internet industries

 (4) it is widely used in e-commerce. From the initial realization of automatic settlement as a commodity ID card to the current association and transmission of the information of the whole supply chain, it plays a basic supporting role in meeting the online and offline integration needs of e-commerce and traditional commerce

 to sum up, commodity bar codes have played a great role in "access to the international market", "food quality and safety traceability" and "e-commerce"


 there is a bar code, but you can't scan the information of relevant products. What's the matter


 pro, I'm glad to answer [heart] 

 the reasons are as follows: 

 1. No. There has never been any provision that scanning the bar code of goods can distinguish the authenticity. Manufacturers can 

on the “China Commodity information service platform”

 record the commodity information, so that the barcode can scan out the basic information of the enterprise and products. It's normal that many overseas goods can't be scanned without being filed in China. This can only say that the information of the product has not been collected, but it can't say that what can't be scanned out of the bar code is fake

 2. Most of the time, these barcodes are just convenien
t for businesses to enter their checkout system. When checking out, businesses will scan the code of each commodity and calculate the price, that's all

 3. The bar code itself has low forgery cost and does not have the ability to identify the authenticity of goods


 I want to buy this product, but I didn't scan the relevant information, so I dare not buy it! Isn't the barcode the ID card of the product? 

 I want to buy this product, but I can't find the relevant information, so I dare not buy it! Isn't the barcode the ID card of the product? 


 Hello, pro, this is not necessarily because the information scanned by each software is different, and some software can't be scanned 

Ask questions

 that's really worrying 


 don't worry. If you can't sweep it out, don't buy it for the time being, because it's not necessarily authentic [smile] 

Ask questions

 thank you 

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● commodity bar code is a symbol composed of a group of bars and spaces of different widths printed on commodity packaging or labels. It is the information code of commodities. Commodity bar code represents the manufacturer, commodity name, specification and other information. It is called the ID card of commodities. It is the common language for commodities to flow smoothly in the market
● there are the following types of bar code structures for goods: scale code EAN-13 code, shortening code ean-8 code. The scale code consists of 13 digits. The first 2-3 digits are the country code, 4-5 digits are the manufacturer code, 5 digits are the commodity representative, and the last digit is the correction code; The shortened code consists of 8 digits. The first 3 digits of China’s commodity bar code are the country code 690-691, 4 digits are the manufacturer code, 5 digits are the commodity code, and the last digit is the verification code
● the use of commodity bar codes shall be registered and shall not be forged or embezzled. The commodity bar code can be decoded through the bar code reader to display its manufacturer and commodity name. In the commodities operated by supermarkets, commodity bar codes are mostly used. Supermarkets should compile and input them into computers. The bar code of books, magazines and other books and periodicals has another preparation method.

every stall in the supermarket is rented out for business. The things sold at each stall must have their own logo, and the bar code belongs to the logo of the things sold by everyone. In the supermarket, input it into the computer. When you check out after shopping, the cashier will scan the bar code with infrared to know the price and which one sells, Wait until the end of the month to settle the bill~~

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