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What is the manufacturing process of carton packaging

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What do you need to do to be a small carton factory?

carton manufacturing process
special shaped corrugated carton is the packaging variety with the most changes in the form of corrugated carton packaging today; In the supermarket, the goods are directly placed on the shelf, which should have a good product display function. How to quickly and easily open the carton packaging to achieve the rapid removal and placement of goods, and do not need any tools, such as scissors or knives, just shout “open sesame” and open the carton. This sounds very fresh, but this kind of carton has been widely used in supermarkets abroad, and there is a great demand in China. Structural type of sesame door opening carton sesame door opening carton is a corrugated carton packaging with a new design concept, that is, it is easy to open the corrugated carton. There is no obvious difference between the appearance structure of the carton and the ordinary corrugated carton. The key process is to paste a tear glue station belt inside the corrugated carton and leave a small opening outside the carton. When opening the carton, you can open the carton without any tools as long as you follow the tear tape from the small opening to show the packaged goods. The necessity of tearing is easy to open. Compared with the production process of ordinary cartons, the production and processing process of corrugated cartons adds a high-performance and self-adhesive tear tape on the inner surface of corrugated cartons, and designs a corresponding tear for the tear tape, so that users can open the cartons without external force, and the tear is beautiful and does not affect the commodity display effect. Tear tape the tear tape used for easy opening cartons consists of a modified tension polypropylene back combined with a natural rubber adhesive. Natural rubber adhesives provide excellent initial adhesion, excellent tear resistance and strong adhesion on different material surfaces. The tear tape used in the production of corrugated box is generally reel winding structure. According to the width of the torn tape, the general width range is from 3mm to 20mm, and the length of a roll of tape is about 40000 meters. Long reel packaging can reduce the number of times to replace new reels, which can improve production efficiency. Carton production process 1 design determines the final effect of products. For carton products, design is particularly important. Otherwise, it is difficult to meet customer requirements, and return may occur, causing heavy losses to the enterprise. I think after receiving the order, the marketing department should transfer all the information of the customer to the process design department. It includes the decoration requirements, specifications and dimensions, box structure, contents and weight, stacking layers and other related contents of the layout. After being designed by the design department, it can be transferred to the manufacturing department to complete the realization of the product. 1) calculate the maximum stacking load PS that the lowest carton can bear, that is, PS = (nmax-1) · g, where nmax is the maximum number of stacking layers and G is the contents and box weight. 2) select an appropriate safety factor K. according to the requirements of Sn /t0262-93 inspection regulations for corrugated boxes of export transport packaging, when the storage period is less than 30 days, k = 1.6; When the storage period is 30 ~ 100 days, k = 1.65; When the storage period is more than 100 days, k = 2. Of course, for the sake of safety, the safety factor is usually more than 3. However, the safety factor is too large, the indexes of raw materials are relatively high, and the price of paper will rise significantly, resulting in increased costs, which is unfavorable to market development. In addition, if the safety factor is too large, there will be excess quality, and the factor is too small, which will cause quality problems such as box collapse. Therefore, the appropriate safety factor should be selected according to the actual requirements of customers. 3) calculate the maximum compressive strength to be achieved according to the safety factor, P = k · PS. 4) select the appropriate paper matching combination according to the kelicutt formula, i.e. PX · f = P (calculated), so PX = P /F, where f is the constant related to the peripheral length and corrugated type of the carton, which is obtained by looking up the table. PX is the comprehensive ring pressure strength value of corrugated board, PX = (R1 + R2 + rm1c) /15.2 if the ring pressure index and gram weight of any one or two materials in R1, R2 and rm1c are known, the ring pressure index and gram weight of the third material can be calculated to achieve the purpose of reasonable paper matching. 2 good process control is the guarantee of product realization. Whether the products designed by the process technology department can be well implemented or not, each process is very important to the strict implementation of the standard. Therefore, the monitor of each process is required to supervise the product quality of this process in time, which is the guarantee of the final product quality. In addition, the quality supervisor shall not patrol regularly to correct and deal with the phenomenon of violating the process in time, so as to ensure the strict implementation of the process. Carton standard 1 standard 5 layers 530 * 290 * 370mm large goods 2 standard 5 layers 530 * 230 * 290mm bags, etc. 3 layers 430 * 210 * 270mm bags and shoes, etc. 4 layers 350 * 190 * 230mm shoes, etc. 5 layers 290 * 170 * 190mm decorations, etc. 6 layers 260 * 150 * 180mm cosmetics, accessories, etc. 7 layers 230 * 130 * 160mm cosmetics No. 8 standard 3-layer 210 * 110 * 140mm cosmetics, No. 9 standard 3-layer 195 * 105 * 135mm cosmetics, No. 10 standard 3-layer 175 * 95 * 115mm cosmetics, No. 11 standard 3-layer 145 * 85 * 105mm cosmetics, No. 12 standard 3-layer 130 * 80 * 90mm cosmetics and trinkets, super large standard 5-layer 600 * 500 * 400mm are suitable for moving On site quality control of carton production
according to the purpose of inspection, it can be divided into control inspection, receiving inspection and quality organization inspection and appraisal. On the premise of ensuring the quality of carton products, carton enterprises can set up quality inspection institutions and allocate quality inspection personnel according to local conditions. Process inspection generally has the following forms: first article inspection. First article inspection is a preventive inspection in the manufacturing process of carton products, which is applicable to a large number of types. The first article inspection shall be conducted by the operator and approved by the full-time inspector. Patrol inspection refers to the flow inspection of product quality of relevant processes by inspectors at a certain time interval on the production site. Completion inspection refers to the inspection of a batch of processed products. It mainly refers to the products between processes. The finished product inspection is the last inspection before the corrugated box products reach the users. Physical product quality audit the contents of physical product quality audit of carton are as follows: the quality defects of carton are classified into heavy defects and light defects, and detailed inspection items are written. After the actual audit, the quality defect items and audit results shall be recorded. Analyze the quality defects in time, fill in the carton quality audit report as detailed as possible, report the audit results to the competent leaders and relevant departments, and timely transmit and archive them as quality information and data. Production site quality control to create a good production order and environment. Keeping the production site clean and hygienic is also an indispensable condition to ensure the quality of corrugated boxes, such as the stacking and general transportation of work areas, appliances and products, the operating environment of workers, site cleanl
iness and other factors have an important impact on the production and production of corrugated boxes, which should be specified. Therefore, the corrugated box production site can be effectively controlled by point and position. Available measures: formulate the on-site management standards for corrugated box production, and regularly check and assess the positioning of on-site, machines, equipment, raw materials, products in process, stations and appliances. Effective measures shall be taken to reduce the bumps, scratches, pollution and damage caused by rough handling in the process of carton handling. The semi-finished products and products in process shall be listed and marked: especially the products under the paperboard line are not printed. If they are not listed, it is easy to cause confusion and error in the case of similar varieties and specifications. Control and corrective measures for nonconforming products control and identification of nonconforming products: corrugated cardboard and cartons of nonconforming products shall be marked and shall not be mixed with qualified cardboard and cartons. They shall be isolated and placed in a designated area. They shall not be used, transferred or mixed with qualified cardboard boxes without approval. Nonconforming products can be disposed of in four ways: repair, scrapping, making accessories and selling at a reduced price. Corrective measures for nonconforming products. For batch nonconforming products, fill in the quality accident report, find out the root cause of the quality accident, and take corresponding measures to effectively control, so as to avoid the recurrence of similar accidents. At the same time, a special person shall be designated to be responsible for the implementation of each measure, supervise and inspect the implementation of these measures to see whether the goal is achieved. The implementation results of measures and technical modifications shall be sorted into documents for archiving. To grasp the quality of corrugated box, we should start from the quality control of corrugated box production site, focus on quality prevention, focus on quality prevention, supplemented by quality control, and combine prevention and inspection, eliminate the influencing factors of quality in the production process, continuously improve the quality of carton products, reduce the impairment of each link, and finally improve the economic and social benefits of the enterprise. What are the materials of cartons? Classification of cardboard materials: cardboard materials are classified according to the weight per unit area, mainly including the following cardboard materials: K paper: 250G /m * m a paper: 175g /m * m b paper: 125g /m * M 7 paper: 200g /m * m 8 paper: 260g /m * M C paper: 127g /m * m core paper: basic 100g /m * m mainframe 105-110g /m * m reinforced core paper: + paper 115g /m * m cartons are commonly used in three or five layers, and seven layers are less used. Each layer is divided into inner paper, corrugated paper, core paper and face paper, There are tea board paper, kraft paper and corrugated paper for core paper. The color and feel of various papers are different, and the paper (color and feel) produced by different manufacturers are also different. The national standard of corrugated box is gb6543-86 “corrugated box”. What is the direct relationship between the bursting resistance of cartons and compression? Compression generally refers to static force. Bursting resistance includes dynamic impact force in addition to static pressure. The former can be determined by the maximum accumulation experiment, while the latter is generally selected by a certain height of natural fall, frequent accidental impact in the process of handling and the degree of transportation turbulence. What is the conceptual difference between carton puncture strength and bursting strength? Puncture strength refers to the maximum power that the carton can withstand against sudden impact; The bursting strength refers to the internal ability to resist local extrusion; At present, the standard of domestic light industry has cancelled the puncture strength index, but there are still requirements for export cartons.

color printing cartons: film plate making, printing, film covering /polishing, mounting, beer machine die-cutting, paste ordering watermark cartons: machinery related to flexible plate making, printing, polishing, circular die-cutting and paste ordering shall be purchased. In addition, base paper or paperboard shall be purchased, and the working capital shall be sufficient

and burst strength refers to the internal resistance to local extrusion


film covering, state-owned, local UV, bronzing and silver stamping, window pasting, etc

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