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What is the name of the particles processed from waste plastic bags

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Now how much is this kind of particle? Thank you. Is it easy to sell the particles produced?
how many kilograms of particles can be produced from a ton of waste plastic bags? Is there any work in this field? Let’s say that the particles from woven bags are polyethylene? Waste plastic? No one

recycled plastic particles

plastic particles are raw materials for processing plastic products, including polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene and other plastic particle raw materials. After a certain use cycle of plastics, the amount of waste plastics is about 70% of the output. In this way, it is gradually accumulated. If it cannot be effectively recycled, the huge waste plastic products will affect the environment, occupy land resources, destroy the ecological environment and endanger human survival


heating and shearing in the screw will release some low molecular gases, especially the chlorine and benzene containing plastic raw materials such as PVC, POM and PS. the volatile gases are harmful to human body

extended data:


1. Pay attention to the total quantity in the process of making plastic bags. Every company is in production. In this process, we must have a good understanding of the quantity to ensure the smooth progress of production. When some companies produce customized plastic bags, they don’t have much, which will have a great impact on the whole production

2. Pay attention to the qualified rate of products when making plastic bags. After that, if any product in production is different from the original requirements, it will have a great impact on the whole company

3. Drop molding is the use of thermoplastic polymer materials with the characteristics of variable state, that is, it has the characteristics of viscous flow under certain conditions and can restore the solid state at room temperature. Appropriate methods and special tools are used to spray ink, shape it into the designed shape according to the requirements under its viscous flow state, and then solidify it at room temperature

reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia – plastic particles

reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia – plastic bags

generally, they are recycled plastic particles made of polyethylene materials, with a wide range of applications. The cost price is 2000-3500 /ton, and the product price is 4000-8000 /ton, usually about 5000
2. Recycled plastic particles belong to the category of plastic particles. Recycled plastic is a kind of plastic particles produced by recycling used new materials or waste plastics through screw rod machine, and then cut into particles through pelletizer
Plastic waste is everywhere in our life, but recycling it can be made into particles and applied to all aspects of our life. However, the application fields are different. For example, convenience bags made of recycled particles can not be used for food packaging, and some particles processed with PVC may contain toxins, so their application scope will be limited.

generally, recycled plastic particles made of polyethylene have a wide range of applications
the cost price is 2000-3500 /ton
the product price is 4000-8000 /ton, usually about 5000
it’s hard to see the way to sell
be cautious about investment. If you want to do a project, you need to do a lot of preparatory work
never listen to the one-sided words of equipment sales or franchisees

regenerated particles

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