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What is the price of non-woven machinery and equipment?

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price of non-woven machinery and equipment: 1. Needle punched non-woven fabrics ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions; 2. Spunlaced non-woven fabrics ranging from millions to tens of millions; 3. Melt blown and spunbonded non-woven fabrics are more than ten million to tens of millions

non woven machinery mainly includes: non-woven bag machine, non-woven slitting machine, non-woven surgical garment machine, non-woven filter cotton weaving machine, non-woven shoe cover machine, non-woven glove machine, non-woven fruit cover machine, non-woven doctor hat machine, non-woven nurse hat machine, non-woven pillow core cover machine, non-woven eye mask machine, non-woven punching machine, non-woven rewinding machine, etc

non woven machinery is a general term for the machines producing non-woven products. It adopts the overall modular design, with compact and reasonable structure The control part adopts advanced PLC microcomputer control and international famous brand frequency converter for speed regulation


non woven bag making machine is applicable to non-woven fabrics. It can process non-woven bags of different specifications and shapes, vest bags, handbags, leather bags, etc Electricity as a whole, using touch screen operation. With step-by-step fixed length, photoelectric tracking, accurate and stable. Automatic counting can set counting alarm, automatic punching and other industrial control devices, so that the finished products are firmly sealed and beautiful

high speed efficiency, it is a high-quality and environment-friendly bag making equipment that you can safely use. The non-woven bag making machine sends powder (colloid or liquid) to the hopper above the packaging machine by the feeder in real time. The introduction speed is controlled by the photoelectric positioning device, and the rolled sealing paper (or other packaging materials) is introduced to the lapel former driven by the guide roller

after being bent, it is overlapped into a cylindrical shape by the longitudinal sealer, and the materials are automatically measured and filled into the made bag. The transverse sealer pulls the bag barrel down intermittently while cutting the heat seal, and finally forms a flat bag with three sides of overlapping longitudinal seam to complete the sealing of one bag

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