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What is the scope of use of packaging materials

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I Classification

common packaging materials include:

1) cartoon box 2) inner carton 3) partition

4) egg compartment (egg) 5) white box 6) gift box


7) poster 8) separtor 9) label

10) blister 11) blister card 12) Poly dragon

13) bag 14) manual and post card

15) pearl cotton 16) tie

II Materials and selection

1 Cartoon box

A. paper of cartoon box:

paper X of cartoon box: k a B C 3 becomes worse in turn

x9x (thickness 2 mm) indicates e pit (small pit) x3x (thickness 3 mm) — indicates single layer

x = x (thickness 6 mm) — indicates double layer x ≡ x (thickness 9 mm) — indicates three layers

x —— indicates surface paper pit pattern —- ordinary pit paper

middle layer flat paper —- no indicates ordinary paper W – white paper

single pit (paper) double pit (paper) three pit (paper) small pit (paper)

C33 B = 3 B ≡ B b9b

B33 B = C B ≡ C b9c

B3c B = B B B ≡ 3 a9a

B3b a = B a ≡ B a9b

a3b a = a a ≡ a w9a

w3b w = b w ≡ B w9b

B. selection of cartoon box material:

generally, the thickness of B = B paper is about 6mm, which is the lowest If the guest has a request, a = B can also be used. This material has better strength than B = B, and the price is higher,

while a = a paper is better than a = B and B = B, and the thickness of 6mm is also higher. It can only be selected unless special requirements

C. shipping mark

according to the guest’s requirements, cartoon boxes can be divided into printed and non printed shipping marks. For cartoon boxes with printed shipping marks, the shipping mark information shall be given to the supplier for rubber plate and printing plate

pay attention to the color of shipping marks. Generally, the color of shipping marks is different from Pantone color, mainly because the natural color of paper is dark coffee color

if there are requirements for net weight, gross weight and quantity on the carton mark, the supplier shall be notified to print it on the carton together with the carton mark after confirming the carton size and carton mark

talent number — it is usually calculated in Japan. The calculation formula is:

talent number = cartoon box length x width x height /25.43×123

note: the dimension of cartoon box is in mm

D. calculation of cartoon box size

I. calculation formula of cartoon box size (size is in mm): if the goods in the cartoon box are net size, length x width x height, i.e. LxWxH

then the external size of the cartoon box is: L1 = L + 13; W1=W+13H1=H+18(mm).

  ii. If the cartoon box contains a flat card, the thickness of the flat card shall be added

III. When calculating the size of the cartoon box, consider whether there are posters in the box to avoid that the posters cannot be put into the cartoon box

IV. tolerance of cartoon box: a + 50. Generally, the factory takes size a call as the tolerance range, and 0 ~ + 5 as the tolerance range

v. the size of the cartoon box is generally controlled below 20kg

VI. if the barcode is printed on the cartoon box, it must be detected that the barcode can pass the barcode machine before confirmation and mass production

  2. Inner cartoon box

the cartoon box in the cartoon box is called inner cartoon box. Generally, the material used is the same as that of the outer cartoon box or w9c, etc According to the needs of guests, the attention points are the same as those in the external cartoon box

  3. Flat card

A. flat card is often used to pad the middle of the product, the top and bottom of the box to avoid scratching the product when unpacking C33 material is generally used

the price of this material is low, the thickness is 3mm, and the size is the same as the net size of the products in the cartoon box

B. generally, 1pc flat cards are used for the upper and lower parts of the cartoon box If there is an inner cartoon box, it does not need to be used

C. A B = 3 pad can also be used on the short edge of the cartoon hinge

  4. Egg compartment

is often used to separate products. This packaging method has low cost

a. the commonly used egg spacer material is B3b, with a thickness of 3mm. In special cases, B = B will also be considered, but the cost is high The height of the spacer groove can be inserted into the production groove with a knife. Br>

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