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What is the temperature of the sealing machine

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the sealing temperature of pillow packaging machine is generally about 145 degrees, which can be slowly increased from 140 degrees

the operation process of the rolling vacuum packaging machine is relatively simple. The operation of the whole equipment is controlled by the operating system. Before operation, the parameters required for packaging need to be set on the operation panel. As long as the packaging bag containing packaging items is discharged on the conveyor belt, the following cycles can be completed automatically: the conveyor belt steps, the vacuum chamber cover is closed Vacuumize, seal, cancel the vacuum and open the chamber cover, so as to complete the whole packaging process

precautions for the use of sealing machine


it is not applicable to metal containers and metal caps, and it is not allowed to put it on the metal table and press the start button, otherwise the machine will be damaged

during the unpacking inspection and acceptance of the product, under the condition of normal transportation and intact packaging, if it is found that the parts of the product are inconsistent with the packing list, it shall be contacted in time

it is equipped with automatic temperature overheating protection function. When the temperature in the machine is overheated, the yellow indicator light of “abnormal protection (pro.
MD.)” will be on for a long time. At this time, turn off the main power switch, and continue to work after the cooling buzzer stops in standby

if it is a large plastic cup box sealing machine produced by Wenzhou yijianuo, there is a temperature controller on it. Follow up the thickness of the film and set the temperature. Generally, the sealing temperature of the film is 150-220 degrees. You can follow up your film thickness and material to debug. I hope it can help you. Please adopt it

the scope of the sealing machine is too wide.
the filling and sealing machine for Wenzhou Jincheng plastic cup Babao porridge is generally about 180 degrees. It’s almost enough to keep it pressed for one second
sealing temperature:
1. PS (polyethylene): 170 ° C
2. PP (polypropylene): 170 ° C ~ 200 ° C
3. PS (polystyrene) 180 ° C
4. Easy to tear film: 120 ° C ~ 180 ° C
5. Pet (polyester): 160 ° C ~ 200 ° C


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