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What is the working principle of the electric eye?

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I’m an apprentice of packaging machine. I just learned. I don’t know how to place the movable electric eye of packaging machine Is there any master who knows? Please help me

electric eye, which is often called surveillance camera

working principle: instant exposure

the aperture and shutter speed are automatically determined according to the instructions of the electric exposure meter installed in the camera. The main sensing component of the camera is CCD, which has the characteristics of high sensitivity, small distortion, long service life, anti vibration, anti magnetic field, small volume and no residual shadow. CCD is an electrical coupling device, which is the abbreviation of charge coupled device. It can change light into charge, store and transfer charge, or take out the stored charge to change voltage. Therefore, it is an ideal camera element


the working principle of CCD is: the light reflected by the subject is transmitted to the lens and gathered on the CCD chip through the lens. The CCD accumulates corresponding charges according to the intensity of the light, and generates electrical signals representing pictures after periodic discharge. After filtering and amplification, a standard composite video signal is output through the output terminal of the camera. This standard video signal is the same as the video output of home video recorder, VCD and home camera, so it can also be recorded or watched on TV.

the electric eye is mainly based on two different color differences to track through the color difference to achieve the positioning effect

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