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What kinds of drug packaging materials are there? What are the characteristics?

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metal, plastic and carton packaging. Design special packaging according to your needs

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I. plastics
plastics have the advantages of firm packaging, easy sealing, bright color, transparent and beautiful appearance, light weight, convenient carrying and low price. The disadvantages are that the plastic is breathable, transparent and easy to absorb. The above disadvantages will accelerate the speed of oxidative deterioration of drugs, deteriorate drugs and leave potential safety hazards for patients
II. Glass
glass, a drug packaging material, has the advantages of transparency, easy sealing, moisture-proof and relatively stable chemical properties, while its disadvantages are heavy and fragile. It will release alkaline substances and insoluble tablets due to the erosion of aqueous solution. In order to ensure the quality of drugs, the Pharmacopoeia stipulates that ampoules and large infusion bottles must use hard neutral glass. When holding drugs that are easy to deteriorate in light, containers made of brown glass should be selected
III. metal
commonly used are black iron sheet, galvanized iron sheet, tinplate, aluminum foil, etc. Pressure resistance and good sealing performance are the advantages of metal packaging, but the disadvantage is that the cost is relatively high
Jinan Puchuang electromechanical reminds you that the packaging of drugs is very important and should be carried out in strict accordance with national standards.


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