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What kinds of materials do blister boxes have?

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What kinds of materials do blister boxes have? Which material is better for general medical blister packaging products?

the raw materials of blister packaging box mainly include: PVC, PS, PP, pet, PETG, flocking, antistatic, conductive and other materials

generally, gypsum is used to make blister packaging molds, but wood carving and metal carving products are also used as molds. After the gypsum molds are made, let them dry naturally or completely


put the softened plastic sheet together with the wooden cabinet in the vacuum chamber, turn on the suction switch to suck and pump the air in the vacuum chamber. After the plastic sheet is cooled, the concave packaging or process mold identical with the mold can be obtained

blister packaging finishing; The finished products are finished by trimming and finishing the products, which can be sold after packaging

extended data

blister packaging molds generally include gypsum molds, electroplated copper molds and aluminum molds:

1. Gypsum molds: Gypsum molds are carved and formed in a semi wet state and then dried to form molds. Gypsum molds are low-cost and easy to modify, but the precision of gypsum molds is not high enough, the surface is not smooth, fragile and durable, so they are often used to pretend Do the type of electroplating copper mold or some blister molds with low requirements and small batch production

2. Aluminum mold: made of aluminum ingot through mechanical processing (lathe, milling machine, CNC, etc.). Aluminum mold has high precision, smooth surface and durability, but the price is very expensive. Aluminum mold is generally used in Blister products with high precision requirements that cannot be reached by copper mold

3. Electroplated copper mold: after the sample is made of gypsum mold, electroplated a layer of copper shell is the electroplated copper mold. The cost is higher than gypsum mold, but much cheaper than aluminum mold. Because of its advantages of smooth and durable surface and low cost, electroplated copper mold is the most commonly used blister mold

reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia – blister packaging box

YINGSHUO blister packaging is divided into four materials: PVC, pet, PS and PP. According to the nature of the materials, the things they pack are different. Moreover, according to the structure, blister packaging can be divided into blister shell, blister inner support, blister tray, etc. different structures and different things
1. Food is used to pack vegetables, fresh fruits, dumplings, glutinous rice balls and other frozen foods. As food packaging products, they must be made of blister materials that meet national health standards to ensure non-toxic and environmental protection. Common food grade materials include pet, PS and PP, which can be used as food blister packaging. This kind of package can be used to pack chocolate, candy, biscuits, fruits and vegetables, fresh and other food blisters
2. For digital products, electronics and toys, this kind of transparent blister packaging is generally made of PVC or pet, also known as blister shell, half folded and folded blister packaging, etc
III. install hardware parts, electronic components, modules, module PC boards, etc. This blister packaging can be used with four materials according to different requirements, and there is also a special anti-static blister tray
IV. blister packaging made of pet and PVC has high transparency and good surface gloss. The products are widely used in the outer packaging of toys, food, electronic products, medicine, electrical appliances, gifts, cosmetics, stationery and other products.

1. Mold making and processing
2. Soften the mold after it is completely dried
3. Place the softened plastic sheet together with the wooden cabinet in the vacuum chamber, turn on the suction switch to suck and pump out the air in the vacuum chamber. After the plastic sheet is cooled, you can get the same concave packaging or process mold as the mold
4. Blister packaging and finishing

blister box:

ordinary PVC, PP, PS and pet blister boxes, vacuum covers and blister discs

it is mostly made of PS, and some also separate the cover from the bottom. Different materials can be selected. If the Japanese fast food box is made of black PS at the bottom and transparent pet at the cover

for PVC and pet, during combustion, PVC will have a great plastic odor and emit a lot of black smoke, which will become powder after combustion; Pet is easy to ignite, with little black smoke, little smell and complete combustion

the main features of blister packaging box are good protection, transparency and intuition, convenient use and light quality. It is widely used in plastic packaging, lighting, advertising, decoration and other industries.

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