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What machines do biodegradable plastic bags need in a production line

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calcium carbonate stone degradation film plastic bag

degradation mechanism of calcium carbonate stone degradation masterbatch: its main material is calcium carbonate (content 65% – 80%) polymer. This kind of material is in line with China’s environmental protection industrial policy, realizing national energy conservation and emission reduction, and saving a lot of oil resource consumption. No waste gas or waste water is discharged during production. It meets the requirements of national degradation standards and belongs to degradable products. And the raw materials are sufficient and the price is cheap (about 6800 yuan /ton)& nbsp; & nbsp;& nbsp;

this material has been developed through our technology, and the high-grade equipment configuration has been improved. The product quality, tensile strength and load-bearing are better than ordinary plastics. The appearance and feel are as smooth and beautiful as frosted film. The price is more than 20% cheaper than ordinary plastic bags. It is deeply accepted by the general public


machine configuration: This machine is improved on the basis of the original machine. The production of this degradation membrane has the advantages of simple operation and low price

machine composition: mixer () — cmja45 film blowing machine () — ysja60x2 printing machine () — rfqja600 bag making machine (), etc

the design output of an assembly line is 45kg /h, which is composed of the above four machines, covers an area of about 75 square meters /assembly line, and operates about 3 workers /shift

oxidation degradation film plastic bag

Add oxidation degradation additives to ordinary PE plastic, with a proportion of 1-2%, you can produce up to standard degradation film plastic bags. This production method has the advantages of simple process and low price (80 yuan /kg)

the principle of oxidative degradation is to change the molecular chain of plastics to make it easier to degrade. The big ones get smaller and the small ones get broken. It can also degrade in 1-5 years. It is also recognized by some countries

the machines required for production are also the same as those required for the production of calcium carbonate stone degradable film plastic bags, which are composed of mixer, film blowing machine, printing machine, bag making machine and other machines. The design output is slightly lower, about 30kg /h

biodegradable plastics refer to a kind of plastics degraded by microorganisms existing in nature, such as bacteria, molds (fungi) and algae. Ideal biodegradable plastic is a kind of polymer material with excellent performance, which can be completely decomposed by environmental microorganisms after being discarded, and finally be inorganic and become an integral part of carbon cycle in nature

according to the classification of raw materials, biodegradable plastics include at least the following:
(1) polycaprolactone (PCL)
(2) polybutylene succinate (PBS) and its copolymer
& nbsp; (3) polylactic acid (PLA)
& nbsp; (4) polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA)
& nbsp; (5) aliphatic aromatic copolyesters
& nbsp; (6) polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) biodegradable plastics
& nbsp; (7) carbon dioxide copolymer

biodegradable plastic bag production line includes:

(1) film blowing machine: this unit is suitable for blowing high-density polyethylene (HDPE), low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) plastic films. It is widely used in the packaging of food, clothing, textiles, daily necessities and other civil and industrial products. The raw materials can be formulated to produce pearlescent film and degradable film

(2) automatic hot sealing and hot cutting bag making machine: This machine is suitable for hot sealing and cold cutting bag making of PE, PP and other materials. It has many self-test functions, such as automatic counting, photoelectric tracking, conversion between color bag and white bag, out of step alarm and shutdown

(3) dual channel heat sealing hot-dip bag making machine: This machine is suitable for processing cylindrical plastic natural color and color printing vest bag (vest bag). It adopts imported photoelectric eye tracking to make the printing pattern position accurate. It is equipped with DC speed regulating motor and cycloidal needle machine to slow down. It has a variety of automatic protection functions such as overload, overvoltage and overcurrent. It has an automatic counting device, and the number of stacked sheets can be set arbitrarily. After completing the number of bags in each batch, the material will be discharged and reset automatically& nbsp;& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; (4) Cutting machine: used for punching vest bags and flat pockets. Changing the punching knife can process bags of different specifications

PS: the key of environmental protection plastic bag is not the film blowing equipment, but the selection of raw materials and formula design. Ordinary plastics can be used to add degradable granules such as starch or calcium carbonate, & nbsp; Or use its own special degradable materials to process and produce environmental protection plastic bags

& nbsp;

how much is one? How about the quality?

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