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What material is better for wine box packaging?

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low grade wine boxes are generally made of white board paper, offset printing, bronzing and laminating, concave convex pressing, one plate forming and die cutting. It is suitable for the requirements of large batch and low cost of low-grade wine. Medium grade wine boxes generally use aluminum foil cardboard (gold card, silver card, copper card, laser, etc.) to make substrates with different light patterns according to needs. Most of them use screen printing, which not only has bright and heavy colors, but also can make various process effects such as frosting, wrinkled glaze, pearl powder, matte, bright light, etc. After spot color printing, the surface can also be printed with various shading, hot laser, anodized aluminum, embossing, UV varnish, etc. Its disadvantage is that it is difficult to make graphics with hierarchical changes. In order to achieve the effect of UV offset printing or silk screen printing. After the printing of aluminum foil cardboard is completed, it is pasted with white board printed with brand, graphics and words into cardboard die-cutting molding. The processing and manufacturing process of high-grade gift wine box is relatively complex, and different packaging adopts different processes. If aluminum foil cardboard is used for printing, the processing technology is similar to that of medium-sized packaging, except that the printing surface is mounted on cardboard manually

generally used materials for wine box packaging: cardboard, gray board, Dutch board and density board. Generally, high-grade Fenjiu uses PVC wooden box, and medium-grade Fenjiu uses gray board, Dutch board and density board. Wine box packaging includes wood material packaging, metal packaging and other packaging forms, but paper materials and paper wine boxes are still the mainstream and the development direction, and will be further expanded. Because the carton is light, has excellent processing and printing performance, is convenient to handle and does not pollute the environment, especially now there are a wide variety of designs and colors of paper and paperboard, which can fully meet the requirements of designers. Micro corrugated board, with beautiful appearance and good cushioning performance, is suitable for printing. When designing, the packaging shell and inner parts can be made of one material, and many can be made into one plate, which can save both cost and space. Wine is a liquid commodity. On the shelves of shopping malls, the first thing people see is the outer package of wine – wine box. Wine box packaging plays a very important role in wine sales, especially its role in attracting consumers, increasing product added value, meeting consumers’ spiritual needs and consolidating brand and corporate image. In recent years, the competition in China’s wine market is becoming increasingly fierce, and the wine packaging box market is unprecedentedly prosperous

in the selection of packaging materials, paper containers (cartons and paper tubes) still occupy the main position, the proportion of wood, plastic and metal materials has increased compared with the past, and natural materials such as bamboo, willow and grass are still less used. The carton in the paper container has an absolute advantage. According to the different grades of wine, the selection of materials is also different: the low-grade wine packaging carton adopts more than 350 grams of white paperboard for printing, lamination (plastic film) and die-cutting. A little more high-grade use 300g white paperboard to mount into a paper card and then print, film, die-cutting. For the medium-sized wine packaging carton, the printing surface is mostly made of 250g-300g aluminum foil cardboard (commonly known as gold card, silver card, copper card, etc.) and 300g white board paper, which are mounted into cardboard, printed and coated, and then die-cut. For high-grade wine packaging and gift packaging cartons, cardboard with a thickness of 3mm-6mm (large-span combined with wood) is mostly used. The outer decorative surface is mounted manually and bonded


in particular, among the paper containers of domestic wine boxes, corrugated boxes, E-type corrugated boxes and micro corrugated boards are rarely used, forming a strong contrast with the world. Personally, I think that the promotion and publicity are not enough, and are limited by traditional habits, production conditions of domestic processing manufacturers and other reasons. Plastic wine boxes were rarely used in the past. In recent years, the big brand “Wuliangye” and “five grain spring” have been the first to use plastic box packaging. Transparent plastic boxes have begun to occupy a small part of the market in Baijiu packaging. The reason why it has not been widely promoted is that it is difficult to coordinate the temperament, attributes and taste of plastic packaging and wine, and it is also difficult to carry out artistic processing. Plastic packaging materials are difficult to resolve and deal with, which is also an important factor perplexing its development

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