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What materials need to be prepared for import declaration of used packaging machines in Germany

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first of all, let’s talk about the import declaration procedures of general trade. For general trade import, first of all, we should determine the payment method, whether it is t /T or L /C. if it is L /C, we should first open the L /C for import customs declaration. After opening the L /C, we should determine the shipping date for import customs declaration and wait for the ship to arrive. Start the operation of import declaration

1. The first is to get the bill of lading, invoice and packing list of foreign customers. If the goods are imported from South Korea and Japan, there must also be a certificate of non wooden packaging

2. First of all, the bill of lading should be exchanged with the shipping company, that is, take the bill of lading to exchange the bill of lading of the batch of goods from the shipping company, that is, the manifest. It has the detailed shipping information of your company’s imported goods

3. For imported goods that need to be inspected in advance, they also need to go to the Commodity Inspection Bureau for commodity inspection. In fact, order replacement and commodity inspection should be carried out in advance. If the imported goods don’t need commodity inspection, they don’t need it. In fact, do you need commodity inspection for your imported goods? You can ask your freight forwarder to check it for you. You can also check it yourself through the commodity code book


4。 After changing the form, if you need to go up and see that the commodity inspection is also carried out, fill in the import declaration form and give it to the freight forwarder for customs declaration. The materials required for customs declaration are: invoice, packing list, bill of lading exchanged from the shipping company, power of attorney for customs declaration, import cargo declaration form, and commodity inspection certificate if commodity inspection is required

5. General trade imports have to pay import tariffs. Therefore, in order to speed up import customs clearance, it is best to write a verbal check (but the finance of an enterprise in this way will not allow it). After the customs prints out the payment letter, it is necessary to write a check. Generally, anyone who gives imported goods to the customs should pay by check. Paying customs duties is usually to the Bank of China. After paying customs duties, the bank will stamp the bank’s seal on the payment letter

6. Hand over the payment document to the freight forwarder, and then the freight forwarder will give it to the Customs for clearance. This is generally referred to as a release

7. After receiving the tariff, the customs will stamp the customs release seal on the bill of lading and take the bill of lading to the wharf where the shipping company is located. (this is commonly referred to as secondary release)

intermediate inspection certificate, O Certificate (electromechanical automatic import license), packing list, contract invoice and bill of lading

Contract invoice, packing list, foreign arrangement for intermediate inspection, import customs clearance, looking forward to joint details

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