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What oil is added to the vacuum pump

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Add vacuum pump oil to the vacuum pump vacuum pump oil is a kind of lubricating oil specially developed for vacuum pumps on vacuum equipment. It is divided into mineral oil and synthetic oil. It is suitable for reciprocating booster pumps, mechanical booster pumps and oil sealed mechanical vacuum pumps. It can also be used for various diffusion vacuum pumps. It is recommended to use vacuum pumps in crafts, ceramics, chemistry and other fields

in recent years, with the sustained and rapid development of China’s economy, the downstream application industry related to vacuum pump has maintained a rapid growth momentum. At the same time, driven by the continuous expansion of the application field of vacuum pump and other factors, China’s vacuum pump industry has achieved sustained, stable and rapid development

working structure and principle of oil seal:


the oil seal of reciprocating vacuum pump adopts skeleton oil seal, and its structure is relatively simple. It is generally divided into three parts: sealing body (nitrile rubber), reinforced skeleton and self tightening coil spring. The sealing body is divided into bottom, waist, cutting edge and sealing lip according to different parts. Usually, the inner diameter of the oil seal in the free state is smaller than that of the shaft diameter, so it has a certain “interference”

therefore, when the oil is sealed on the oil seal seat and shaft, the pressure of the oil seal blade and the shrinkage force of the self tightening coil spring will produce a certain radial force on the shaft. After a period of operation, the pressure will rapidly decrease or even disappear with the wear of the shaft and the oil seal lip. However, due to the compensation of the force of the self tightening coil spring, the oil seal can continue to be used

refer to & nbsp; Baidu Encyclopedia – vacuum pump oil

in vacuum pump, vacuum pump oil is not only used as the medium to obtain vacuum, but also plays the role of lubrication, cooling and sealing for mechanical friction points
general pump instructions have recommended special pump oil, which is the most appropriate. If you don’t have a manufacturer, you can consult. For ordinary mechanical vacuum pump, the choice of oil is ordinary vacuum pump oil
in addition, some pump oil models have changed, such as 100 # and 1#. North,, Beijing.. Huacheng.. Haoda vacuum equipment…. Limited., company

the vacuum pump will inevitably be worn during operation. If the wear is serious, the service performance and service life of the pump will also be affected. Adding a certain amount of oil to the vacuum pump can reduce the occurrence of wear
vacuum pump oil is a special lubricating oil for vacuum pump, which is generally divided into mineral oil and synthetic oil. Different types and models of pumps use different oils. Generally speaking, No. N100 oil is used for 2xz-2 rotary vane vacuum pump, GS-1 oil is used for high-speed direct rotary vane pump, and No. N100 oil is used for 2xz-4 rotary vane vacuum pump; 2xz-4c vacuum pump generally uses 68# vacuum pump oil
general vacuum pumps need to add special vacuum pump oil. If the oil supply is not timely or there is a lack of suitable varieties in the market, low viscosity lubricating oil and hydraulic oil can be used instead, but this is not long-term, because different types of vacuum pump oil have different physical and chemical properties, chemical composition, viscosity The main components and indexes such as acid value and various additives (anti-wear agent, preservative, antioxidant and antirust agent) directly affect the operation of the machine parts. Therefore, special vacuum pump oil should be used.

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