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What procedures do bulk packaging and selling of Baijiu need? Please help

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 1. Personal health certificate. The applicant and the store staff only need to go to the local relevant department for physical examination and be in good health to obtain this certificate

 2. Food circulation license. The applicant must be an enterprise legal person with subject qualification, truthfully fill in the application for food circulation license in the relevant local departments and affix the official seal of the enterprise. Then, it is also necessary to submit the information about the lease of the business site, the identity card of the person in charge, the list of business equipment and the health certificate of the employees. After examination, the relevant departments will issue this certificate

 3. Industrial and commercial business license. The applicant shall bring relevant materials, go to the local administration for Industry and Commerce for registration, submit the application form, and the relevant departments will come down to check and review, and then this certificate can be issued

 4. Tax registration certificate. After handling the industrial and commercial business license and receiving the organization code certificate, the applicant can go to the tax department to apply for this certificate and receive the growth invoice

 5. Retail license of alcohol commodities. If you plan to do Baijiu retail business, you also need to apply for a retail license for alcoholic drinks. The area of the business is at least 20 

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you are a Baijiu factory, with production license and hygiene license: design trademark, and after packaging, let the quality inspection office of county or city be checked according to national standard. If it is qualified, it can be sold. If you are a dealer and have a sales license, you must entrust a winery to process (package) and distribute it with his factory name and trademark.

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 Hello, I have seen your question and am sorting out the answers. Please wait a moment ~ 

, there is a business place suitable for the business scale or business technical conditions

 2. The business premises must meet the health and fire protection requirements

 3. Provide operators who are familiar with alcohol professional knowledge and healthy

 4. Comply with other conditions stipulated by national laws, regulations and rules

 II. Application for license: 

 1. Fill in the letter of commitment for notification of retail license of alcohol commodities in XX city and the application report

 2. Provide valid industrial and commercial business license (the copy shall be stamped with official seal, and the business scope shall include the sales of catering and wine)

 3. Provide food hygiene license, catering service license and food circulation license (copy with official seal)

 4. Provide the certificate of legal representative (copy with official seal)

 5. Provide proof of business place (original or copy of property right certificate and lease agreement with official seal)

 6. If it is not handled by the legal representative, it is necessary to submit the power of attorney, the ID card and a copy of the principal (both with official seal)

 bulk Baijiu consumption class should be defined as town hotel, distributor. For hotels and dealers in cities and towns, you may still have to spend more time on your own or your own salesperson, because it is very troublesome to start selling. If you do a good job in product quality and treat potential customers carefully, the market should be better and better

 bulk Baijiu can be extended to small and simple packaging. It is the development of 5L plastic barrels, which are very common. They can put their own factory names on the outside and gradually form their own brands. Then, for the dealer, you can provide him with this container appropriately and let him use it to make wine for others. It's like when he gets 100 kilograms of wine and gives him 10 barrels with labels, the influence should be greater and greater

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