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What procedures do you need to go through to start tableware disinfection?

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I don’t know that I want to open a disinfection center in my hometown? Where to do it? Which institutions need certification?

we have successfully established more than 10000 tableware disinfection companies. The procedures for setting up tableware disinfection companies are simple, but the management is gradually standardized. We choose to use energy-saving and environment-friendly tableware cleaning, disinfection and dishwashing equipment and standardize the operation, so as to operate for a long time
to set up a tableware cleaning and disinfection company, we mainly consider four aspects:

1. People and property needed, such as relevant plant design, machinery and equipment, personnel allocation and approximate capital investment

for the design, decoration and layout of the plant and the purchase of tableware cleaning and disinfection equipment, the professional engineers of tableware disinfection Service Center will provide full guidance


2. It is better to provide the reference price of handling charges for the relevant procedures required for the establishment, such as the Administration for Industry and Commerce – business license, etc.

What certificates are required for the establishment of tableware disinfection and distribution center? According to the gradual promotion of the reform of streamlining administration and delegating power, different places may be different from before, such as business license, tax registration certificate and organization code certificate. Now the three certificates are one, and one certificate – business license. The health permit was previously issued by the health department. In April 2016, the State Council began to cancel the health permit for catering places

3. Business model: how to conduct business, such as order – production – supply

find local hotels and restaurants within 28.8km, which are your business target customer base. Screen, order, deliver and recycle

4. Machines and equipment should be energy-saving and environment-friendly, and tableware cleaning should be healthy and hygienic

the newly opened food and beverage center is basically equipped with the following equipment:

1), dishwasher (dishwasher with nano ultrasonic cleaning technology and all-in-one Dishwasher)

2), energy-saving soaking far-infrared tableware drying and disinfection machine

3), packaging machine (semi-automatic or fully automatic) (tableware packaging machine and chopstick packaging machine)

4), tableware packaging film, chopstick packaging film, etc.

Apply for self-employed business license & nbsp
you need to prepare a copy of the storefront real estate certificate (if you rent a house, you also need a rental agreement) & nbsp
2 copies of ID card & nbsp
5 one inch photos& nbsp;
go to the local industrial and commercial office to apply for the industrial and commercial business license. Then go to the tax department to do tax registration. Now it seems that you have to do the industry code certificate, which is in the quality inspection bureau
the required equipment is generally a dishwasher and a dryer, followed by packaging equipment: two sealing machines and one heat shrinkable machine. Of course, there are tableware and boxes for tableware

sterilized tableware refers to tableware that is sterilized by killing pathogenic microorganisms through special methods

800 yuan agency fee for hygiene license, environmental protection, business license, tax and code; Warm tips from Beijing registration agency! Get a license and find a regular agency!

to run a similar enterprise, first, you need to go to the Administration for Industry and Commerce for a license, but it involves the prior approval of relevant departments. You are related to a catering enterprise, also known as the disinfection center, and should go to the health and epidemic prevention station for approval in advance If you can’t, you can find an agent to register the company. There are many around the Administration for Industry and commerce

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