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What products are packed with PVC heat shrinkable film?

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a lot! For example, tea (TIN) food, some filling, and some toys are also available! PVC is not environmentally friendly, brittle and has poor transparency!

PVC heat shrinkable packaging is a traditional food heat shrinkable packaging. It has been deeply loved because of its good packaging stiffness and good shrinkage effect. It is mainly used for the heat shrinkage of biscuits and other products. It also has a bad side: it has a large residual smell and is easy to crack after the seasonal temperature turns cold. In addition, if PVC is used as a direct contact with food, its safety is in direct doubt, so some food enterprises use POF heat shrinkable film instead, Its advantages are: no bad smell, flexibility is not easy to crack, and high safety. Its disadvantages are: the degree of thermal shrinkage is worse than PVC, and even the stiffness is a little worse. In short, the advantages are still greater than the disadvantages. It is widely used in the shrinkage packaging of biscuits, instant noodles and other foods.

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