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What should be paid attention to when purchasing ARJO paper plastic sterilization bags in France?

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1. Professional and only for medical device packaging ——— Lugang is only engaged in all kinds of paper plastic, full plastic, dialysis window and other medical device packaging
2 With purification workshop ———————– Lugang has a purification workshop that meets the GMP requirements recognized by the drug inspection institute
3 More than 100 people in Lugang through observation, the sealing force of domestic paper plastic bags (Canadian paper in the industry is this kind of domestic paper. Because the pulp is said to be Canadian, some people in the industry also call it Canadian paper, just playing the edge ball) is very compact, and it will feel very comfortable to tear them, The impurities in the bag are sporadic, and there are few immovable black spots (in the pulp, glue coating and composite film). The movable impurity black spots in the bag are basically few and can be ignored

or if you have more picky requirements for bag cleanliness, you can consider using French ARJO pre glued 63g paper or ARJO pre glued 83g reinforced paper, which basically eliminates the black spot impurities of pulp or gluing. Or you can consider a 70g non gluing surface treatment paper from ARJO, France, which meets the requirements of large sealing force, peeling and no falling off, and reduces the possibility of gluing and impurity mixing process

your products are high-risk implantable devices or relatively heavy, weight-resistant and puncture resistant. In order to reflect the product grade, you can consider choosing DuPont Tyvek teweiqiang series.

1. Professional and only medical device packaging
2 With purification workshop
3 More than 50 people ——
those who have been established for more than 5 years basically have no problem grasping the above


pay attention to its own value when purchasing

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