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What should we pay attention to when buying non packaged food?

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first, be careful with plastic bags. At present, the market, small street shops, large stalls and other various flavor snacks attract many consumers. When some operators sell these foods, they mostly put them in plastic bags on bowls. This seems to be hygienic, but there are certain potential safety hazards. The state stipulates that the raw materials of plastic bags used to contain directly imported food must meet the food grade requirements, and the minimum sales unit of the product must be marked with “QS” mark and words such as “for food” or “special for food”. When purchasing food, consumers should pay attention to whether the plastic bag containing food meets the standard
Second, it should be noted that food grade plastic bags should not contain high-temperature food. Operators often use food bags to contain spicy hot, hot soup and other high-temperature food, which has potential safety hazards. When the food reaches a certain temperature, the chemical components in the plastic bag may seep out, polluting the food and causing harm to the human body. Even in food grade plastic bags, long-term consumption is likely to have potential safety hazards
Third, we should pay attention to minimize the use of brightly colored disposable straws and plastic cups, and try not to use plastic cups and straws to drink hot drinks. Shenyang Consumer Association conducted a comparative test of disposable plastic bowls, paper cups and plastic straws last year. The experimental results show that the quality of 30% paper cups, plastic cups and straw samples does not fully meet the standards, mainly because the fluorescent substances and decolorization experiments do not meet the standards. Fluorescent substances are not easy to be decomposed and eliminated. If stored in the body, they will affect the normal development and growth of cells, and seriously cause cell variation. Synthetic pigments have bright color and strong coloring power, but some synthetic pigments are toxic, which can lead to diarrhea, and may even lead to fertility decline, deformity and so on. Some pigments may also be converted into carcinogens in the human body
Fourth, pay attention to check whether the sales environment is clean and tidy. When purchasing the food for disassembly and sales of large packaged food, bulk pastry food and on-site processing, production and sales, carefully check whether the operator has washing, disinfection, storage, temperature regulation and other facilities or equipment that meet the health requirements. Consumers should carefully choose the places where the production and operation environment is narrow and chaotic and can not ensure food safety
fifthly, pay attention to whether the operator’s operation is standardized. The food safety law clearly stipulates that the salesperson of directly imported food and bulk food that can be processed without cleaning must hold a valid health certificate and wear masks, gloves and hats during operation. When consumers buy these foods, if they find that employees do not wear masks, gloves and hats, or take sundries when wearing gloves, which leads to the improper behavior of cross contamination of the sold foods, they should buy them carefully
sixth, pay attention to check whether the food label is complete. According to the provisions of the food safety law, when storing and selling bulk food, food operators shall indicate the name, production date, shelf life, producer name and contact information of the food at the storage location and outside the packaging container. When purchasing the above food, consumers should pay attention to check the label signs. For food without labels, or food with incomplete important contents such as food name, production date and shelf life in the label signs, they should choose carefully.

why cigarettes don’t have a shelf life

the suspense in the hearts of 300 million “smokers” why cigarettes don’t have a shelf life



for a period of time, dozens of “smokers” in Shanxi Province called reporters: “why cigarettes don’t have a production date and shelf life? Who can solve this problem?” A reporter with more than ten years of smoking age searched through hundreds of cigarette boxes collected by friends at home and abroad. Sure enough, he found that the production period and shelf life were not marked. The reporter had to consult tobacco experts with the same questions

“cigarettes: there is a” date of birth “but no” life span “

” cigarettes have a production date, but it’s not easy to see. ” According to a senior technician of Taiyuan cigarette factory, when a regular cigarette leaves the factory, the specific production date will be clearly marked on its large packing box and the product certificate. On each and every box of cigarettes, most manufacturers do not clearly mark them. Some cigarette manufacturers may have some invisible ink jet printing numbers on the outer packaging of their cigarette cases, which are mainly the manufacturer’s anti-counterfeiting passwords; Some manufacturers will put steel seals on cigarette boxes, and there will be some production date information on these steel seals, including production month, production machine number, batch, etc. these labels have different forms and obscure expressions, and their meaning is not understood by ordinary people. The national tobacco administration has no unified regulations in this regard. It can be said that manufacturers, operators and quality supervision and monitoring professionals in all links of the tobacco industry can generally know the specific production date of cigarettes, which can not be known only by smokers as consumers. Commodities used for consumption generally have a shelf life. In principle, cigarettes are no exception, but the fact is that at present, no brand of cigarettes in China will be marked with a shelf life, and cigarettes in many foreign countries will not be marked with a shelf life

why cigarettes do not have a shelf life

cigarette manufacturers have two answers to the non-standard shelf life

the production date of cigarettes is “unnecessary to indicate”. The manufacturer said: generally, the products can be sold within half a year, and the production date has been indicated on each box when the products leave the factory. Dealers believe that most cigarettes are in and out, and there will be no long-term backlog. They also know the production date of each kind of cigarette, but the reporter asked some tobacco dealers in Taiyuan whether they will tell consumers the production date of cigarettes. They replied that some people would ask whether cigarettes were true or false, but few people wanted to know the production date

the term for the shelf life of cigarettes is “the situation is complex and there is no standard” or “marking is meaningless”. The reporter visited several cigarette manufacturing enterprises. The technicians of these enterprises generally believe that cigarettes are a very complex product, and multiple processes are required from the purchase of tobacco leaves to the manufacture of finished cigarettes. Its shelf life varies greatly due to different storage environments. It can be stored for two or three years in a dry environment, but it can’t be stored for even one year if the environment is bad. In the South and north of China, the same brand may have different shelf life. For example, in places with high temperature and humidity, after only one summer, the dry silk of cigarettes mellows and absorbs enough water. As the day changes, it is easy to get moldy; In dry and cold areas, the shelf life of cigarettes can be several years. The differences caused by these factors are generally not marked. The relevant person in charge of the state tobacco monopoly administration once explained to the media that as far as cigarettes are concerned, although they are classified as food at home and abroad, they are obviously different from general food. It is not imported directly and must be consumed
through the combustion of tobacco. Based on this particularity, cigarettes of any brand, not only domestic but also international, are not marked with shelf life. The harm of cigarettes to the body is not determined by time. Its harmfulness has been clearly explained on the packaging box. It exists regardless of the length of time. Therefore, it is meaningless to mark or not mark the shelf life

? The legal profession questioned the practice of the tobacco industry.

it seems to be the practice of this special industry that cigarettes do not mark the shelf life and do not clearly mark the production date

lawyer Ma Wuzhang of Shanxi HENGSHUAI law firm believes that legally speaking, any product should have a shelf life, because it is processed purposefully by human beings to meet specific needs. Any kind of product has its duration of utility and function when it meets certain human needs. With the expiration of this period, the utility will decline or lose, but the length of time is different

lawyer Ma Wuzhang cited China’s existing laws to support his view. Article 1 of the tobacco monopoly law clearly stipulates that “improve the quality of tobacco products and safeguard the interests of consumers”. Paragraph 2 of Article 15 of the product quality law stipulates that “the product name, manufacturer name and address shall be indicated in Chinese”; Paragraph 4 stipulates that “for products to be used within a time limit, the production date, safe use period or expiration date shall be indicated”. Article 8 of the law on the protection of consumers’ rights and interests stipulates: “consumers have the right to know the true situation of the goods they buy and use or the services they receive. Consumers have the right to require operators to provide relevant information such as the price, origin… Main components, production date, expiration date… Instructions for use… Of the goods according to the different conditions of the goods or services.” Article 18 clearly states: “if a business operator finds that there are serious defects in the goods or services it provides, and even if the goods or services are used correctly, it may still endanger the safety of person and property, it shall immediately report to the relevant administrative departments and inform consumers, and take measures to prevent the occurrence of hazards”. According to the provisions of Article 21 of the food hygiene law, the name of the place of origin and the date of use of the product must be marked on the package or the name of the product according to the provisions of Article 21 of the food hygiene law. And the food sold in the domestic market must be marked in Chinese

“when will the cigarettes in the cigarette factory be put into storage, what is the inventory environment, how long the inventory has been placed, and whether it has deteriorated? For these problems, consumers are neither experts nor informed, and the information between buyers and sellers is in a serious state of asymmetry.” Professor Zhao Liming of the Law School of Shanxi University of Finance and economics believes that although the tobacco monopoly law does not require cigarette manufacturers to mark the production date and shelf life on the outer package of their cigarettes, the law does not exempt tobacco manufacturers from their responsibilities and obligations for product quality. According to the product quality law, food hygiene law and consumer protection law, cigarette manufacturers shall mark the production date and shelf life on the outer package of their cigarettes

in fact, in the face of the rules of the tobacco industry, there have long been people who have taken action to challenge it. On the morning of August 16, 2002, Lawyer Liu Hesheng of Anhui gangzheng law firm bought a cigarette made in Anhui in Hefei. Noting that the outer package of cigarettes did not indicate the production date, shelf life and address, in the opinion of Lawyer Liu Hesheng, this obviously violated the relevant provisions of the product quality law, the food hygiene law and the consumer rights and interests protection law. Therefore, Liu Hesheng took the cigarette factory and the mall selling cigarettes to the court with a paper complaint, And requested the court to sentence the two defendants to compensate 1 yuan and 100 yuan for traffic expenses and lost work expenses in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. Finally, the “one yuan lawsuit” lost in the second instance. Lawyer Liu Hesheng insisted that in the modern market economy environment, there should not be such a situation that the four laws “can’t control” a pack of cigarettes

■ experts suggest

why not change the industry rules

requiring cigarettes to indicate the production date and shelf life is actually a reasonable and basic requirement of consumers. From the perspective of the spirit of modern market rule of law and the awakening of consumers’ awareness, it is also a signal that the market is moving towards maturity. This has at least three obvious benefits: first, significantly improve the quality of cigarettes and regularly remove the long-standing cut tobacco raw materials and finished cigarettes from the market

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