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What technology has a future?

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the auto repair profession has a good prospect.
1. The auto repair industry is in great demand now. It is easy to find jobs, and the working environment is also good
2. The work of the auto repair industry is closely connected with the society and closely follows the trend, so the insight and thought will be more open, which is also conducive to their own development in the future
3. Learning auto repair is fast and not very difficult. As long as you practice more, work harder and ask more questions,
4. You can find a professional auto repair school to learn skills. After learning, it is also good to choose to open a machine repair shop according to your own situation
nowadays, there are more and more cars in China, but the number of auto repair talents has not increased. Auto repair talents must be in short supply, so it is inevitable to get a high salary. But in the future, the competition in the auto repair industry will also be very fierce. It depends on whether your auto repair technology is excellent
this major is easy to find a job. As long as you are good at it, the salary will certainly satisfy you
come on! As long as you want to learn, you can’t learn.

learning dynamic visual design has a broad future. Dynamic design generally refers to the artistic design of graphics and images such as film and television special effects, column packaging, animation CG, video advertising, UI animation, etc. Based on certain static basic visual elements, it is redesigned into a graphic result that will move and change in a specific time through animation software. Design is a very popular industry, but not everyone is competent. It is best to do a small test before learning → → Click to test whether I am suitable for learning design. Driven by technology and business, “everything is dynamic”. As a very good creative carrier, dynamic covers almost all visual application fields. The group of dynamic visual designers is also expanding. As a popular creative form and carrier in the world, dynamic design has become one of the mainstream trends of design. Dynamic visual design is booming. Now, it is no longer a single film and television personnel who are familiar with a certain link, but all-round dynamic visual designers who can shoot and make all-round dynamic visual designers who are proficient in the whole chain. Dynamic design is applied to various fields, e-commerce /Tiktok short videos, column packaging, animation CG, video advertising, UI animation

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 promising technologies: software development technology; Biotechnology; Automobile maintenance technology; Computer technology; Cooking techniques; Pet beautician; Numerical control technology; Agricultural technology, etc. Only the technology that suits oneself is the best technology, and it is a promising technology

 software development technology 

 with the development of Internet technology, there are more and more branches in the IT industry, and the job division is more and more delicate, such as network technology, software technology, database technology, design art, etc. The posts in these fields are more suitable for girls, and there is a large demand for talents. The future and salary level are superior. Therefore, one of the most promising and fastest earning technologies in 2019 is software development technology


 the current biological reproduction and cloning technology is a very hot profession, and will be at the forefront of science for a long time in the future

 automobile maintenance technology 

 learning automobile maintenance technology must be the most promising and fastest earning technology in 2019. Modern automobile maintenance serves thousands of families and faces high-tech integration of machinery, electricity and hydraulics. With a wide variety of technologies and rapid technological updates, the requirements for employees are getting higher and higher. Therefore, automobile maintenance technology will be promoted to one of the most promising and fastest earning technologies in 2019

 computer technology 

 nowadays, both programmers and computer repairmen are very profitable. If you want a high paying job, you must be right to study computer

 cooking techniques 

 an outstanding culinary graduate, especially the chef of a high-end restaurant, has a monthly salary of nearly tens of thousands

 the social demand for this professional talent remains high

 strong cultural foundation, professional theory and technology, especially knowledge of nutrition and food science

 students majoring in cooking are in short supply, so cooking technology has a broad future

 pet beautician 

 pet beauticians mainly help pets clean, trim, shape and dye their hair, fingers and claws

 beautify and protect the appearance of pets, making them healthier and more fashionable

 this industry is based on the basic salary plus commission, and the income is related to your professional technology and expertise

 nowadays, pet beautician has become one of the top ten highly paid professions recognized by the society

 its many advantages such as high salary, low pressure and stable work make it difficult for other industries to catch up

 numerical control technology 

 in recent years, with the development of computer technology, digital control technology has been widely used in various fields of industrial control

 especially in the machinery manufacturing industry, ordinary machinery is gradually being replaced by high-efficiency, high-precision and high-automation numerical control machinery

 at present, the NC rate of foreign mechanical equipment has reached more than 85%

 Agricultural Technology 

 don't underestimate the current agricultural technology. Learning how to grow organic vegetables is not only simple, but also can help the world's population solve the problem of eating

 medical technology 

 it is not only loved by people, but also a job that pays special attention to age and experience. The general salary will continue to increase with the increase of your working years

 hope to help you 

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what technology is promising to learn? We must think carefully and clearly about what path to take in the future. If you still don’t want to learn a promising technology, it is recommended that you learn a popular and highly paid technology. For example, a chef is a good choice

according to the recruitment platform and the salary survey of hotel chefs, the monthly salary of ordinary chefs is generally around 4500 yuan. The monthly salary of highly skilled chefs after formal training ranges from 6000 yuan to 10000 yuan. It is no problem for more capable chefs to earn more than 10000 yuan a month. It is common for experienced chefs to earn hundreds of thousands or millions of yuan a year

this depends on their own cultural learning, interests and hobbies, and the resources around them. Some people do not follow the traditional education path and create a world in the technical field, such as learning automobile repair technology

when Xiao Wan was on the third day of junior high school, there was a classmate in the cla
ss who was not outstanding in appearance and poor in cultural performance. The whole person looked weak and not likable. No matter which classroom he was in, it was natural for him to sit firmly in the back. The parents who should be looked for and the hearts who should be talked about were also talked about, but they were useless. It seemed that he was born insulated from learning

in the third day of junior high school, he reached a consensus with his parents, gave up his unfinished studies in junior high school and transferred to the technical school next door to learn automobile repair technology. Because he is next door, we can often see him. At this time, he had a completely different look, put on a different school uniform, and was often surrounded by a group of people. In the technical school, he can give full play to his own advantages and really like the auto repair technology he has learned. His professional performance is very good

after Xiao Wan graduated from University, he was busy applying for jobs everywhere. This once poor student was already starting to open a second garage. It was said that the annual net profit was 300, 400, 000

if you are similar to Xiao Wan and do not want to follow the traditional education path and want to learn a technology, the following suggestions can be referred to:

first, the most basic and important point. According to your own interests and hobbies, even if your cultural foundation is weak, you must be good at or interested in a certain aspect. You can learn more about this major, but do not blindly understand it, If allowed, you can learn more in the form of experience class. Whether they are interested in the specialty, whether they are willing to learn it, and whether they like the specialty. Only when they like it can they learn it seriously

second, we should understand the current industry, because choosing a major is actually choosing an industry in a large part of cases. Only when the industry develops well, can our own employment be better, so as to achieve twice the result with half the effort. At present, the prospect of the auto repair industry is quite good

third, you can learn from the high-quality resources and industry resources around you. For example, if you have personal resources in the auto repair industry, students can graduate and get employed smoothly, so you can choose this direction to learn

don’t underestimate technical talents, intellectuals and technologists. The country and society all need them! “Cultivate a large army of skilled workers and forge craftsmen in a big country” and “actively develop vocational and technical education” are also advocated by our country!

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