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What’s the difference between hard pack and soft pack?

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the difference between hard and soft bags lies in packaging, softness and style

I. packaging differences:

hard wrapped walls are generally made of hard materials, and there is no soft filler between them and the surface fabric or leather; The soft bag is opposite to the hard bag. The packaging material is soft. The surface and interior are made of relatively soft materials, and the sponge is added to fill, making the wall feel soft and comfortable


II. Difference between soft and hard:

the density board is made into the corresponding design shape and wrapped in leather, cloth and other materials, which feels a little hard. The soft bag is filled with soft sponge in the interlayer, making the wall much softer

III. style differences:

compared with soft bags, leather hard bags are more suitable for wall decoration in modern furniture. They have distinct edges and corners and a stronger sense of lines

IV. material requirements for the soft package:

1. The tree species, specifications, grades, moisture content and anti-corrosion treatment of the wood frame, keel, bottom plate and panel on the soft package wall must meet the requirements of the design drawings

2. The material, color, pattern and combustion performance grade of the upholstery fabric, lining material and frame shall comply with the design requirements and relevant provisions of the current national standards, with a fire detection report. Ordinary cloth shall be fireproof or treated twice, and it shall pass the test

3. The keel is generally dried with white pine, with a moisture content of no more than 12%. The thickness shall be in accordance with the design requirements, free of decay, knots, cleavage, distortion and other defects, and shall be subject to anti-corrosion treatment in advance. The keel, lining plate and frame shall be installed firmly without warping, and the joint shall be straight

4. Generally, semi-finished materials with moisture content of no more than 12% are used for the batten, grid and frame materials and wood veneer and other fabrics used for external finishing. Select high-quality five plywood. If the base course is special or has special requirements, you can also select nine plywood

5. The adhesive is usually pasted immediately, and different adhesives are used for different parts

refer to Baidu Encyclopedia – hard pack

reference to the above Baidu Encyclopedia – soft bag

many people can’t distinguish between soft bags and hard bags when decorating. Some fabric soft bags even have soft and hard bags. Then let’s take a look at the difference between the two! Upholstery: the interior wall surface is made of flexible materials. The materials used for wall decoration are soft and soft in color, which can soften the overall decoration space. It is flame retardant, sound-absorbing, moisture-proof, oil-proof, anti fouling, anti-static and beautifying the space! At present, it is mainly divided into two types: cloth soft bags and leather soft bags. Fabric soft bag refers to the soft bag filled with sponge and packaged with fabric; There is also a kind of leather sponge soft bag called leather soft bag. It is worth mentioning that cloth art soft bags are divided into soft bags and hard bags. Soft bags are sponges filled inside and then wrapped with cloth outside, mainly to prevent children from collision. The effect of hard wrapping is the same as that of wallpaper. The advantage is that the cloth can be removed and cleaned when it is dirty. Hard wrapping: it refers to directly making the required molding plates on the basic level wood board, making 45 degree beveled edges, and then decorating the surface with cloth or leather. In short, the difference between the two is actually the thickness of the filling material. Generally, the soft bag filler is softer and more comfortable; The hard package has almost no filler and is relatively hard.

different packaging methods, hardness, function, grade and performance
1. The packaging method is hard. The wall surface is made of hard materials, and there is no soft filler between the surface fabric or leather. The soft package is made of soft materials, both on the surface and inside
2. The surface fabric of soft and hard package is hard to feel, and the soft package is very soft to feel
3. The function package can modify and mask unevenness
4. The soft bag is more home grade. The soft wall packaging will be more exquisite and soften the space atmosphere
5. The performance soft bag has good sound insulation and absorption effect, and is waterproof and moisture-proof.

in fact, soft bag refers to a wall decoration method packed with flexible materials on the surface of indoor walls. Generally, the materials used in soft bags are very soft in texture, and the color is also very soft. Hard wrapping is a kind of wall decoration method in which the surface of the interior wall is pasted on the wooden board with fabric. Hard bags have a hard feel. They don’t have soft bags. They feel comfortable and delicate.

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