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What’s the name of this cold granule!

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The cold granule that we drank when we were young and packed in a paper bag has light yellow particles and is sweet after being washed (not 999 cold granule). What is the name of this granule?

if you are from Baoding, you should be the cold granule from Baoding Changtian pharmaceutical factory. Now it’s called “paracetamol huangnamin granules”

when we were young, we called Ganmao granule. Now it’s renamed paracetamol huangnamin granule. It’s sold in pharmacies. Now there are paper bags and plastic bags. The manufacturers are different. There are a large bag of more than 20 bags

the cold granules in paper bags you mentioned should be “compound paracetamol Namin granules” produced by Hebei Changtian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. the former commodity was called “quick acting cold granules”. Now the packaging has been changed, not in paper bags, but the medicine is the same


what children eat is called paracetamol huangnamin granule. The side effects are relatively small. Generally, children’s cold doctors have to prescribe the granule, and Chaihu granule is also generally prescribed. It’s just a little bitter. Anyway, antibiotics are not needed. There is always infusion. That’s not good for children’s development, because hospitals below the county level like infusion most now.

paracetamol huangnamin granules or Radix Isatidis.

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