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Where can I buy bromocriptine

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Will bromocriptine really come to menstruation

for spontaneous, neoplastic, drug-induced amenorrhea after delivery. Prolactin induced menstrual disorder, infertility, secondary amenorrhea and reduced ovulation are effective

bromocriptine drug alias: maiting, bromoergot criptine, bromoergot cyclic peptide, parodel, parodol

this product is a dopamine receptor agonist. It is an inhibitor of prolactin, which is used to prevent and stop physiological lactation and associated amenorrhea or anovulation. It can be used for: ① spontaneous, neoplastic and drug-induced amenorrhea after delivery. ② Prolactin induced menstrual disorders, infertility, secondary amenorrhea, decreased ovulation. ③ Inhibit lactation and prevent lactation after delivery and preterm delivery. ④ Postpartum breast congestion, special breast tenderness caused by prolactin, breast pain and irritability. ⑤ Androgen deficiency caused by prolactin, such as impotence and infertility caused by sperm loss. ③ Adjuvant treatment of acromegaly& lt;/P>& lt; P> This product also has the effect of anti tremor and paralysis & lt; BR>



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