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Where do gift boxes come from?

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For bulk purchase of gift boxes, which channels are generally available and which are cost-effective.

if you want to purchase in batches, you can go to Alibaba, baidu love and Taobao. First compare the strength of the manufacturer, look at the manufacturer’s case, and then make a decision after commenting. For a large number of gift boxes, it is recommended to make a decision after investigating the nearby manufacturers. You can go to their production room and sample room first to understand the after-sales service and the professionalism of merchandisers.

if the consumption is large, you can directly go to the manufacturer for customization. It has the highest cost performance and can also be customized. For 1-2000 general-purpose models, you can ask Taobao or stores. If they make large quantities, the price will be low. You can look at the price twice and make a comparison.

it depends on what kind of gifts are available in Hualian and Yuhua commodity wholesale markets, as well as Jianhua road wholesale market. Yuhua is popular and Jianhua road is cheap. The style is one. There are many Jianhua road and Yuhua, and Hualian is average. You can turn around these three places. If you can’t find what you want here, it’s estimated that other places will be hard to find
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when buying gift boxes, there are three main purchase channels: online platform purchase, carton wholesaler and carton factory production. The most convenient way is to place an order online. I hope to find suggestions with high cost performance. Find the manufacturer of cartons, and put forward design requirements and specification requirements for the cartons you need, so that the manufacturer can customize them. Moreover, the first-hand cost of the manufacturer is relatively cheap. I personally recommend Hangzhou color packaging
the company’s address is v18, building 2, jinzhichuangyuan, No. 4, jinjiadu South Road, Liangzhu street, Yuhang District, Hangzhou

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