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Where does Wuxi have a relatively large wholesale market

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Who knows? It’s important to say it

Hongmei market (clothing, shoes and hats small commodities) —— near Shengli gate
recruitment mall, small commodity market (clothing and daily necessities) —— near Tangnan
East China Merchants market (clothing, shoes and hats small commodities) —— near Dongting Xueqian Street
fruit wholesale market ——————– near National Highway 312, Xicheng Road
pork, Non staple food wholesale market ————- Xicheng Road
vegetable wholesale market ————- Chaoyang Square
I hope I can help you

Guangyi has a stainless steel and non-staple food market beside the preschool road
there is a furniture market in the east of Xihu road and Jianghai Road, and a building materials market
there is a building materials and ceramics market in Qianqiao section of Shengan West Road
there is a kitchen utensils Market in Fenglei interchange of Xingyuan road

of course, no matter whether it is a primary source of goods or not, you can’t afford the quantity when you go to the manufacturer, and it’s difficult to reduce your price. You’d better spell out the order
it will be great to look at the style before he took it here (㣲∀⊙)! There should be better styles, but we should talk about it ourselves and treat it sincerely!



the larger garment market in Wuxi is China Merchants City

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