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Where does Yinzhou District sell vacuum compression bags

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vacuum shrink bags are commonly available in supermarkets

and “Ningbo Huabang packaging materials Co., Ltd.” produces and sells vacuum compression bags.

Ningbo is not only picturesque, but also famous for its “four fragrances” (rice, fish, books and ink) since ancient times. It is rich in products. The main specialties can be divided into seafood, dried seafood, specialty foods, seasonal fruits, traditional handicrafts, clothing and other categories. Seafood and dry seafood Ningbo is located at the estuary of the Yangtze River into the East Sea, with a long coastline. It is a place where salt water and fresh water meet. The water is extremely rich in microorganisms. Therefore, seafood tastes particularly delicious and has high nutritional value. Ningbo is one of the main areas rich in seafood in China. It has all kinds of seafood, such as yellow croaker, hairtail, cuttlefish, grouper, fragrant fish, squid, eel, swimming crab, shrimp, clam, razor clam, oyster, mud snail, Gong Gan, jellyfish, kelp, moss and so on. Among the dried seafood, the most famous are yellow croaker, Mingfu, red paste fried crab, drunken mud snail, dried shrimp, dried shrimp, shrimp skin, fresh air eel, jellyfish head, kelp, mossy vegetables, grilled fish slices, etc. Ningbo people like to give this specialty as a gift to their relatives and friends.

Ningbo dumpling. The original name is yuanxiao. According to textual research, Ningbo tangtuan dates back to the song and Yuan Dynasties and has a history of more than 700 years. It uses the first-class glutinous rice flour produced in the local area to make the skin, and the fine and pure cotton white sugar, black sesame and high-quality pig board oil to make the stuffing. It has the characteristics of fragrant, sweet, fresh, smooth and waxy. When the skin is opened, the oil fragrance overflows. It is waxy but not sticky. It is fresh and delicious, so it is reputed at home and abroad. Every morning on the first day of the first lunar month in Ningbo, every family, man, woman, old and young, eats Ningbo dumplings to show their happiness, reunion and auspiciousness. Some overseas Chinese always like to eat a bowl of dumplings to express their homesickness during festivals. Since 1982, Ningbo tangtuan has become the first snack variety exported by Zhejiang Province to overseas. In 1997, it was selected as a famous Chinese snack.


Ningbo has a tradition of going out to do business. As more and more Ningbo people go to various places to do business, they also spread the food of Ningbo dumpling to various places and opened Ningbo dumpling stores. Now, many cities in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Anqing and other places have opened Ningbo tangtuan stores. After Ningbo opened to the outside world, it also exported Ningbo dumplings for quick freezing.

Water mill. Also known as tangtuan powder, it is made of high-quality glutinous rice. It is fragrant and smooth. It is not only the main material for making Ningbo tangtuan, but also can be used to make various glutinous rice powder duplicates such as Yuanxiao and Ma Tuan, as well as to replace starch as the coagulant in cold drink products.

Xikou thousand layer cake. It is a special food in Ningbo. The thousand layer cake has been made in Xikou for more than 100 years. It is square in shape and divided into 27 layers. It is golden yellow and green, crispy, salty in the sweet and fresh in the salty. It has a unique flavor. It is delicious after eating. Xikou thousand layer cake has won national and provincial famous and special product awards for many times. It has become a tourist food for Chinese and foreign tourists to taste and give gifts to their relatives and friends. In particular, overseas travelers who have left their hometown like to entrust their relatives and friends back home to comfort their homesickness. In addition to selling well in eastern Zhejiang, the thousand layer cakes are also exported to Japan, Southeast Asian countries, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

Sanbei bean crisp sugar. It is a traditional famous and special cake in Ningbo, famous in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and overseas. Sanbei bean crisp sugar has a long history of making. It was first produced in Lubu Town, Yuyao more than 100 years ago. Bean crisp sugar is rich in nutrients, including protein, carbohydrate, calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene and other nutrients, and can maintain the characteristics of fragrant, sweet, crisp and loose for a long time. At present, Lubu town in Yuyao, shenshiqiao town in Zhouxiang town in Cixi and Ningbo shengyangtai tourism food factory are the main producing areas and production enterprises.

Three North lotus root silk candy. It is as famous as Sanbei bean candy. It is a local food in Ningbo. It was once used as a tribute to the emperor. Sanbei lotus root silk candy is produced in Cixi. On the outside of the column, there are black sesame or white sesame. It is crisp, sweet and has a unique flavor.

Fenghua taro (arhat sacred fruit). “I have run through three passes and six wharves and eaten Fenghua taro”. People are proud to have eaten Fenghua taro. It can be seen that this taro is unusual. Fenghua taro is rich in xiaowangmiao town and Xikou town of Fenghua. The fruit is rich in starch. It is fragrant and delicious. It can be used as snacks and snacks. It can also be used as “dog (sheep) taro pot”, “ribs taro pot” and “seafood taro pot”, becoming a special dish.

Tea. There are Tiantai Mountain and Siming Mountain in Ningbo. The sea is near the lake. There is plenty of rain. The mountains are surrounded by clouds all the year round. Therefore, the quality of tea is excellent. There are many excellent brands, such as “Wangfu Yinhao”, “Ninghai No. 1 tip”, “Wanghai tea”, “waterfall Xianming”, “Siming Longjian”, “QinLv”, “Donghai longtongue” and “Siming twelve thunder”. Ningbo tea is best harvested before Gu Yu. Most of the time is around the Qingming Festival. It has been famous in the International Tea Fair for its bright green color, fresh and mellow taste, sweet and clear taste and lasting fragrance.

Dried bamboo shoots with sheep tail. Fenghua is one of the three famous local specialties, which is as famous as peach and taro. It is processed from the local abundant dragon whisker bamboo shoots. Because it looks like a sheep shoot, it is called “sheep tail dried bamboo shoots”. The meat is white and yellow, delicious, nutritious, and has the effect of relieving summer heat and appetizing. It can be used for barbecue, slicing or boiling soup.

Refined mustard. Mustard is rich in Yuyao and Zhenhai. It is crisp and tender with bright color. After processing, it has a unique flavor, moderate saltiness and spicy, and tastes fresh and refreshing. Yuyao “Meifu” brand, Zhenhai “tongqianqiao” brand and “Yun” brand pickles are not only exported to more than 20 provinces and cities in China, as well as countries and regions such as the United States, Japan, Hong Kong and Macao, but also refined into small packages as tourist food for Chinese and foreign tourists. QingQin soup. It is collectively referred to as Wannian dried green vegetables or potherb mustard, a traditional specialty. In February and March, when a large number of potherb mustard sprout in winter rape, take the top three or four tender tips as raw materials, put them into boiling water to boil for two or three minutes, and then dry them in the air when they are three times cooked and seven times raw. Due to the special processing technology, the vitamin C and minerals in fresh vegetables are not damaged, so its color, aroma and taste are good and tempting. The general habit is to make a good soup. In the past, most of them were processed at home for their own consumption or as gifts to relatives and friends from other places. Nowadays, among the “Kaizhi” green foods produced by Zhejiang Haitong Food Co., Ltd., QingQin soup is one of the products, which is supplied to Ningbo, Hangzhou, Shanghai and many overseas countries. It is also loved by tourists and a good gift.

Rice cakes. Traditional food reproductions have been produced for hundreds of years. There is a folk saying in Ningbo that “rice cakes are higher every year, and this year is better than last year”. Ningbo New Year cake takes high-quality late glutinous rice as the main raw material. It is as white as jade, soft and waxy, not sticky after long cooking and imported. Cicheng Town, Ningbo and Sanqi Town, Yuyao are the main production bases of New Year cakes in Ningbo. The “tower brand” New Year cakes are also exported to the United States, Canada, Singapore, Australia and other countries as well as Hong Kong and Macao.

Qiu’ai pickles. Ningbo specialty, rich in Qiuai Town, Yinzhou District, Ningbo, is a well-known “hometown of pickles”. Pickled with potherb mustard, it is bright yellow in color, fragrant, tender, fresh and slightly sour. It can produce fluid and appetizer. It can be eaten raw or used as ingredients. There is a folk saying in Ningbo that “if you don’t eat pickled vegetable soup for three days, your feet are a little sour”, which shows the role of pickled vegetable. Qiuai pickle processing has a history of nearly one hundred years. It has created many famous brand products, such as “Dali” brand snow vegetables, which are sold well at home and abroad by adopting vacuum packaging and advanced fresh-keeping storage technology.

Fenghua honey peach. It is a famous and special product in Zhejiang Province. It is rich in Fenghua City and has been cultivated for nearly 100 years. Fenghua honey peach has bright color, thick flesh, thin skin and sweet fragrance. It is known as “Qiongjiang jade dew” and “yaochi treasure”. The main varieties are huangyulu, Yulu peach, Yulu flat peach, etc. fresh peaches are available from late June to August every year. Peach is not only a favorite seasonal fruit, but also contains a variety of nutrients such as fat, protein, inorganic salt, sugar, cellulose and vitamins. It can also increase the secretion of bile, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and treat constipation. Peach kernel can also be used as medicine.

Bayberry. The high-quality and famous fruit is as famous as litchi in Fujian and Guangzhou. It was listed as a tribute in the Han Dynasty (206-220 BC) and abounds in Yuyao and Cixi. The main varieties are white, red, pink and black. Among the black varieties in Sanqi town of Yuyao, Zhangting town and Henghe town of Cixi, the water chestnut variety Myrica rubra is the top grade. The fruit is large and the core is small, and the juice is thick and sweet. Myrica rubra is rich in vitamin C, glucose, citric acid, malic acid, lactic acid and other ingredients beneficial to human body, and has certain pharmacological effects. “Compendium of Materia Medica” says that it “can quench thirst, harmonize the five internal organs, cleanse the intestines and stomach, and remove annoying and evil Qi”. Processed into red bayberry wine, it can also relieve fatigue, dissipate summer heat and expel wind dampness. The “Dadi” brand red bayberry wine produced in Yuyao and the “Yongcheng” brand red bayberry wine produced in Xiangshan sell well in the market. Yuyao and Cixi also use red bayberry as a medium to hold a red bayberry Festival and carry out economic, trade and cultural exchanges at the end of June each year when red bayberry is listed.

Tiancao (Citrus). It is produced in Xiangshan and Ninghai. It is of good quality and has the characteristics of beautiful shape, colorful color, juicy, mellow, strong taste and good storage and transportation. It is generally listed in October. Xiangshan County “elephant mountain” brand Tiancao has also been listed as a recommended tourist commodity in Ningbo.

Strawberries. Due to the unique climate, Fenghua, Cixi, Yuyao and other places in Ningbo abound in strawberries. Especially in Shangtian Town, Fenghua, the exquisite cultivation technology is used. The strawberry in large-area greenhouses is bright red, fine flesh, juicy, fragrant and of excellent quality, which is loved by the skilled consumers. “Fengguan” brand Shangtian strawberries are also listed as Ningbo Tourism recommended commodities.

Kumquat. Also known as kumquat, it is the best fruit in the world. It has been cultivated for more than 300 years. Chaiqiao and Sanshan in Beilun, Ningbo are very suitable for kumquat growth due to their warm and humid climate and acidic mountain soil along the east coast of Zhejiang Province. The main products are golden bullet, rib, golden jujube, golden bean, etc. among them, golden bullet is the best, with sweet, sour, bitter, spicy and Ma taste, which is called “five flavor fruit”. Kumquat is rich in nutrition. It contains a lot of vitamin C, protein, sugar, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and other nutrients. It also has the outstanding effect of appetizing and regulating qi, eliminating food and resolving phlegm.

“Hanging red” (persimmon). After autumn every year, it begins to mature gradually, turning from green to red. It is very beautiful to hang on the tree, so it is called “hanging red” in Ningbo. It is rich in Dalan town (Shilin Village) of Yuyao. The “Shilin” brand is big, soft and sweet. In addition to raw food, it is also processed into persimmons to enter the market.

Honey pear. Also known as Huanghua pear, it is rich in Zhouxiang town and Andong town of Cixi. Unlike ordinary pears, honey pears have large fruit, sufficient water and rich nutrition. Because the pear blossoms and bears fruit beautifully, the large pear orchards in the two towns have also become a popular tourist destination for the people.

Kiwi fruit. It is a treasure among fruits, and has the reputation of “king of vitamin C” in foreign countries. Because its vine climbs on rocks and trees, it is commonly known as vine pear. Ninghai has many mountains and streams and humid climate, which is very suitable for the natural growth of kiwi fruit. According to the survey, there are nearly 10000 mu of Kiwi resources in the county. Kiwi fruit is not only tender, fragrant and juicy, sweet and sour, but also contains sugar and fat

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